Ella had it Right—Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blue Skies, nothing but, blue skies…(Ella Fitzgerald)

Blue-SKiesThe rains have gone, soon to be replaced with triple digit heat.

CanasI’m painting on the this side of the house today.

UPYesterday and the day before was up here! One thing about it, I could see for miles.  Although, I tried NOT to look down.

Evening-WorkIn the evening Terry, Boomer and I weed the pinto bean field.  It’s not toooo huge, only 20 acres.  We work at it morning and evening.  Once the beans shoot the feelers and the rows grow shut we won’t be able to weed anymore.  Weeding is terribly important…if you get too much trash in the pinto beans the elevator docks you for the cleaning of the beans.

Purple We take a break; sipping iced tea outside, in the cool of the shade.  Resting a spell and listening the bees hum as they gather pollen.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


37 thoughts on “Ella had it Right—Wednesday, July 22, 2015

  1. Such pretty pictures of you home, garden and fields, Linda!! Glad you are done with that high painting!! We hoed bean fields when I was young, but was soy beans rather than pintos. Not sure I remember it fondly!! 🙂 It is hot and humid here, too, but am not out much in it with this bum foot. I feel so blessed to have AC!!!

    Take care…blessings!

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  2. I don’t blame you for trying not to look down when you’re up there painting. I’d be shaking so much I wouldn’t do a very good job with the paint. I hope the triple-digit heat stays away for a few more days.

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  3. First of all, BE CAREFUL!! I worry about you teetering on top of ladders… those purpose flowers are a glory! what do you call them in English? I have them in my garden here in France, but they’re not as big as yours. My lavenders are huge, but those are doing some catching up.

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  4. Hoeing gets done eventually… a row at a time. 20 acres sounds a lot, but the trick is to just look at the row you’re doing and not think about the whole field. Beautiful Russian sage, I can well imagine the bees love it!

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  5. The homestead yard is a credit to you gardening efforts.
    Are those cannas in the big pots? I’ve always associated these
    plants with the tropics where they are really prolific and produce so
    many colourful blooms.

    20 acres of weeding is a bloody lot – my back would not cope
    with that. Even thinking about it gives me a cringe.
    Yesterday here was a bloody horrible day – drizzled
    all day – reminded me of London, UK! Thankfully the low
    clouds kept some of the cold out.
    Cheers – enjoy the scent of that Russian Sage.

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