Catch a Falling Star — Thursday, July 23, 2015

HayAfter Terry cut the alfalfa and I stopped painting for the day–meaning after supper, we went out and worked in the pinto bean field.PB1WE FINISHED!!!  The pinto beans are free and clear (for a spell)

feelers.jpgThere will be weeds appearing again, but for Terry and I— we are done.  The pinto beans are starting to shoot the feelers.  These little vines will grab onto to each other and cause the rows to grow shut.

Beautiful The sun had set and we were heading back home, when I noticed something flashing and twinkling in the late evening sky.


Drifting down, down, down we saw it land gently in the upper part of the pinto bean field.  Hopeing it would NOT get away I hurried to the upper end of the pinto bean field, to see a helium balloon shaped like a star resting among the pinto bean rows.


A fun little gift from the heavens!

Star I nestled the star on the four-wheeler, laying a large rock on it’s string, tucked my weeding knife securing under the bars and brought the falling star home.

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,


42 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star — Thursday, July 23, 2015

  1. A “Silver Star” for a total ” Star” Linda…and do not tell Boomer I said that, or, come to think of it you might want to share it with Boom….and Terry ha ha ha Happy Beans—Merri

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  2. I would have to think that you and Terry must be the world’s
    best weeders. That pinto field – dividing row at present
    is bloody amazing – weed free!
    Kate from Aussie land is observant – yes I spotted something
    also on the helium balloon – you, eh?
    Do you have to report the finding of this helium balloon
    to any authorities – especially if it had a weather, aerodrome
    or such logo on it?? So as they would know of the wind speeds etc.
    PS: Weather 8.00 am Friday 24th.
    Another confused day so it will be umbrella for “just in
    Becoming very tedious and annoying.

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  3. Now you have to save it for a rainy day! 🙂
    How do you get between the rows after they grow together? Or is it not a problem? Just curious.
    Thank you all for all your hard work. God bless! ♥

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  4. It’s a beautiful world! We can let our imaginations run free with the thoughts of where your star came from. Love the responses, they made me smile. Especially “farmer’s helpers” from Pluto. Our beans are putting out there little runners, too. We don’t have as much weeding. Had to laugh. We have a lot of company during the summer. Most are from more populated areas. They always ask us what we find to do way out here. We have so much less work than you do. For sure you are busy everyday, but the beauty of your daily lives shines through.

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