Some Things Just Make Me Happy—Sunday, July 26, 2015

rThat fun little star shaped balloon

BladeAnd a grandson who wanted to paint the trim on the upstairs window!

Your friend,


19 thoughts on “Some Things Just Make Me Happy—Sunday, July 26, 2015

  1. Bladen certainly has a very professional and intent look on him
    as he carefully does his work. Great to see that he possesses such
    good work ethos at such an early stage of life.
    The corn in the background looks great – should be a fantastic crop
    for 2015.
    Hope your plans for 2016 are achieved – thanks for the e-mail.
    Fantastic morning ( 7.00am Monday) – thank God those bloody
    freezing winds have returned to Antarctica where I hope they will
    remain for the whole of August – the usually really worst month of
    the year here in Australia.

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  2. What fun to have that pretty star balloon come to visit you!! Pretty things just falling from the sky just for you to enjoy!! AND a delightful grandson to paint those high places for you, priceless!!

    Have a good Sunday! Blessings!

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