The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Night Work

The reality of a dog’s life…a farm dog’s life, that is—is we work at night.

Coming on Night

There is much we have to do:


First I go with Mom and Dad to change the water one last time before bed.

Then, when they are inside watch television, I’m outside so I can check out all the places the fox have been.  We have a lot of fox.  A group of fox is called a skulk, beats me why they call a group a skulk. (Mom assures me this a fact. Weird)

Mom always asks me to come in to spend the night; I go in and try to rest. BUT there is so much going on out outside I head back out.  When I’m tired I can always bed down in one of the dog houses.


I’m really always on guard…well, let me clarify I don’t really guard, I sniff out and then I either give chase or I holler for Mom or Dad.

But why holler for Mom or Dad for the common night creatures: fox, owls, cats (Sam and Monkey), mice, deer ….ugh … skunk…those sorts of every day critters that share the farm with us.

Now I do holler when the coyotes come around…so does Mom!

Shudder, shiver…I sure don’t like coyotes!


Mom and I go for a walk around mid-night.  After which I usually come in and crash for a spell.

Morning Corn


Then come morning…well, you see, I have to get back out there and see if anything came through while I slept.


As my grandpa would say— I’m a very busy feller!





33 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Night Work

  1. I can’t imagine the farm without Boomer to organize and keep everything safe. We didn’t know about skulk Can’t wait to find an occasion to work it into a conversation.

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  2. Yes you are a busy feller and tour mom is right: I googled “skulk” – it means ‘to lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason’. So there I also learned something and it seems fitting for a fox. 😀

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  3. You ARE a busy feller, B. Around here, whenever Mom gets ready for bed, she brushes my teeth and washes my face and I get ready for bed, too. City life is VERY different from farm life.

    Love and licks,

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  4. Well, Boomer, you really keep busy, like a good dog, don’t you!? I know you keep Mom and Dad and all the farm animals safe while you sniff out all those visitors. I learned something from you today, too! Didn’t know what a family of foxes were called…thank you! Watch out for them coyotes, tho. Let Mom and Dad handle them!

    Love the pictures! Blessings!

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