The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Corn Report

The geese are back!  They fly over-head honking and talking to one another. I like to sit outside and watch them.  Mom thinks it’s odd that I watch them, my head tipped back, my ears pulled forward, causing my forehead to wrinkle, but I’m interested in knowing what they are saying and where they are going.


Dad has been checking out the big truck, getting it ready for corn harvest.  That won’t happen for a spell, yet, maybe by the end of this month.  It just depends on the moisture content of corn!


We finished the last of the irrigation.  The whole alfalfa field is now ready to head into winter in fine shape.


Anyway, the corn is ripe and starting to dry down.


There are still some green leaves at the top.  I run down the furrows checking out the news, nose to the ground most of the time, but I do look up once in a while.  You see corn harvest is a BIG deal around here.  It’s Dad and Mom’s main crop.  Meaning most of the farm is planted to corn.


So every day I take a little walk out and check out the corn…when it is about time to start harvest Mom and I will go out and put the farm to bed…we will gather up all the siphon tubes and the dams moving them to safety – away from cows hooves.  Its big work and I LOVE IT!!!  Sometimes I stay with Mom and sometimes, well, you understand, I check for news!




33 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Corn Report

  1. Dear Linda, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’d been away so long that I wondered if anyone would come and read what I’d posted.

    Now about this corn that Boomer is guarding. He tells us that it’s your main crop. Do you grow it to feed cattle? Or do you sell the ears to companies that make corn fructose? Or just what do you do with it? I know next to nothing about farming today. But your life as Boomer describes it demands a great deal of work. That is so clear. I’m glad he’s there to help you. I suspect he helps joggle your sense of humor and keep things in perspective. Peace.

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    • This is the corn that goes into animal feed, makes cereal for you and I, CORN FLAKES, and turns into corn meal. It’s our main crop so it is our biggest paycheck. Farmers only get paid once a year, when the crop is harvested and sold. Thank you for visiting. 🙂


  2. Glad to hear you are thinking of renting the farm. The time comes. Now you will have a new and different life–or maybe not so different. Somebody told me once that only men retire, women just keep on cooking. Be sure to have lots of things planned for Terry so he won’t feel at loose ends–useless. Its a good time to plan a long trip to get into new habits.

    Please don’t end your blog as I think many of us depend on your cheerful attitude, Boomer’s antics, the memory of Fuzzy, and the beautiful scenery.

    Thanks for being such a wonderful part of our lives.


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    • Thank you, Katie! I think we will stay right here. Terry has so many things he wants to do before he is too old to do them. He has three classic vehicles he is working on…to get them done and to drive them here and there is a huge goal. Then there is a barn he wants to build…lots of stuff. And now he is thinking he wants to keep 20 acres and put another area into production. Once a farmer always a farmer I suppose. 🙂


  3. Oh Boomer, I just don’t know what they’d do without your help! I hope the corn harvest goes well. You keep right on checking for news and be sure to let Mom and Dad know what you discover. We have a lot of geese here in Oregon too. I wish you were here to let me know what they are saying!

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