Sit Still and Listen to the Whispers–Sunday, October 11, 2015


“There are times when we stop,

Blaze-4we sit still.

Evening-SKyWe listen to the breezes from a whole other world

Setbegin to whisper.”—James Carroll

How true!  We just have to stand still…and feel…listen…and there they are…the whispers of the wind, the earth and the sky.

Your friend,


11 thoughts on “Sit Still and Listen to the Whispers–Sunday, October 11, 2015

  1. there are times of year, many such times, where, you’ve said it, we sit/stand/slow down … still, and the whispers become (in a non-invasive non-disruptive way) QUITE LOUD. but not.
    sunrise/sunset are especially so, as your photos capture so well.

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  2. Linda, a great thing to sit and listen. I have found it is a good feeling and you can see and hear things. We have harvest of corn and maize, soy beans going on around us and I can hear the combines and enjoy the sound,then think back to when I was still at home and my Mom , Dad and brother and I were busy with hay and harvest. Loved those times.
    Weather here in south central kansas is hot today. Cool at night and early morning. had inch rain Friday. Take care, you and Terry. Hope in a way you can slow down farming. You can do plenty and still rest some. Anyway from kansas Sharon Drake 10/11/15.

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