I Give to you a Love Song—Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The weather is decidedly cold and wet.  Boomer, Sam the Cat and Monkey the Cat, have decided going outside and ‘hanging out’ is best left for another day.  🙂

Still Boomer and I went for a small walk, tramping down the ditch bank roads filling our lungs with sweet, cold, fresh air.

As Boomer checked out the news I realized the wind was playing a lovely Love Song. The following is the melody…and in the end you get to hear my old lady voice as I storta stumbled while trying to turn off the camera.  Be Kind, now.  I was shocked to hear how much I sounded like my paternal Grandmother….I put it down to almost falling.  (Lets hope so.)

As always your friend,



20 thoughts on “I Give to you a Love Song—Tuesday, October 20, 2015

  1. Loved the photo of the corn and sound of water and wind…..there was no lovely song from you on mine, so if you could repost it …I would love to hear it. I did hear the lovesong of the corn, the harvest and your total love and gratitude for the harvest come over with the sounds of water and corn…Love Merri

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  2. I love the shivery, papery rustle of the leaves as the wind moves through them. You didn’t sound old to me, but then I had no expectation of how you ‘should’ sound. I hear myself slowly sounding more and more like my mother – only without the accent!

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