It’s Raining Here—-Monday, October 19, 2015

Rain-2It’s raining!  Lovely drops of rich moisture, turning the drying corn a golden color.

Rain-1When you go outside the air smells good.  It’s a different smell from spring and summer rain.

CloseYou can smell the drying corn as absorbs the moisture, the earth as the dust is settling and the rich odor of the leaves as they are pushed from the trees, landing with little pitter and patters on the grass, the sidewalk, against the house, on the roof of the buildings.

Rain!  We have been needing it.

As far as Terry and I know all the crops are now in…the hay is cut and stored, the pinto beans harvested, the ensilage/silage chopped and packed into the pits, and the onions are in the sorting sheds.  The sweet corn harvested ended on Labor Day.

The warm autumn days are starting to give way (now) to the cooler and wetter weather.  The forerunner to that four-letter word, which starts with s.  (Although, snow IS an important component for survival.)

Soon, very soon, the corn will dry to the perfect moisture content and we, along with many others, will begin the last harvest of the year….pick’n corn.

Until then…everyone is enjoying the rain.

EdgeAs always your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,





42 thoughts on “It’s Raining Here—-Monday, October 19, 2015

  1. Still dry here, but maybe later today we might get a little rain. I love the way fall smells! There is something special about the fragrance of fallen leaves and the willows along the river. It all smells different than it does in the summer. I love it!

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  2. How lovely, that the autumn rain smells differently from the spring and summer rain. And you explain why, so convincingly. I keep learning more from you Linda. Thank you for your delightful blog.

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  3. Glad you are getting some rain! I enjoy the Fall smells, too! We are scheduled to start getting rain tomorrow night and lasting until Saturday!!! Some farmers are in the cotton fields, busily harvesting those fluffy white bolls!! Rain will not help them, but after our drought, it is hard to say we don’t want rain! My cotton is a week or two away from being ready. I will just pray that the wind doesn’t blow too much so as to not string the cotton out of the burrs before it’s ready to harvest.

    Love your rainbow header and all your picks. Blessings!

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  4. I’m glad you’re getting some much needed rain. What a beautiful rainbow! I’m also curious…what moisture do you like your corn to be for “prime” picking? And what do you do with it?

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  5. After sweet corn is picked do farmers bale the stocks for bedding or turn cows in to eat it? When we used to pick corn my dad turned the cows in and they loved the blades and few ears of corn that was left. When I was a little girl we hand picked corn using horses and wagon to haul it in.

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    • They have to shred the sweet corn…the cows will bloat on it. Last year a rancher lost 11 cows by just letting them into the sweet corn fields. As for the field corn, the cows do very well on the stalks and leaves…that is what we have and the rancher loves having his cows here. 🙂


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