A Busy Couple of Days—Thursday, October 29, 2015

I’m sorry I didn’t get a post done yesterday, and I’m late, late, late today.  For some reason we have been busy, busy, early in the morning.

ggIt’s gradually drying up.  Which is a very good thing.

It also froze Tuesday night, with another heavy freeze to come in on Friday [if I remember right], so I’ve been working hard to get my tropicals put to bed.

DThe canal is still running.  Soon it will be turned off, the water’s voice silenced until next spring.

Stepping closer to the ending of fall, and the beginning of corn harvest.  🙂

Your Friend on a Western Colorado Farm, (all caps tee hee)




16 thoughts on “A Busy Couple of Days—Thursday, October 29, 2015

  1. I love to read about how you put the farm to bed for the winter. Here, I’m unpacking things from the sun porch out into the back yard; my succulents and my cuttings are all now big enough to take the extreme weather we’ll get this summer.

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  2. Isn’t’ the corn the last thing though? Maybe a vacation after that? It seems to me you are always busy, and I so admire that you find time to educate and amuse your readers almost every day and on time! Hardly anyone else does that as well, even this old retired and idle perso who has no excuse ;)))

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  3. Heavy frost here this morning. I rather like the business of getting ready for winter, as long as I can do it in nice weather! we are going to be cooler the next several days but mostly dry. It doesn’t matter really…this is a busy busy time of year!

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