A Small Warm Up —-Wednesday, January 6, 2016

ViewWe had a small warm-up yesterday, which was a HUGE help.  Finally, Terry and I got the frozen drain working down at the other house.

Terry is still perplexed why the drain froze.

DadLast night the temperature didn’t drop as terribly low as normal, which was another nice thing.

Today another storm is rolling in.  The weather people said we could have RAIN this afternoon.  RAIN?!?!  What an odd thought for this time of year.  I guess we will find out later on today.

Outside everything is quiet, I can not hear the Canada Geese or the Sandhill Cranes.  Sometimes I can hear in the far distance cow talking to another cow…it’s too early for calves yet.


There is a sense of ‘hunkering down’ — a waiting.

“Storm coming! Prepare, hole up, stay warm.”

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



26 thoughts on “A Small Warm Up —-Wednesday, January 6, 2016

  1. It’s that hunker-down time that my daughter loves (in Oregon, and usually it is because of gray cold rain rather than snow). She calls it ‘hibernating’ and says her body and soul need that time. I, on the other hand, need sunshine and warmth. I’m glad you got the drain running.

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  2. We’re hunkering down here too…..it’s supposed to snow later today. Our water froze up last spring as the tempertures rose. The Bossman called the local go to plumbing rancher and he said there had been a lot of that going on as the frost came out. I always asumed it would do that when it was -40.


    • Going without water is a huge issue anymore…although, there was water down there, the drain wouldn’t work so they had to catch the water in buckets and haul it outside. Not a huge problem, but still a inconvenience.

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  3. frozen drain? i should take time to post! we had a gas-leak between our house and the road and the resultant (Xcel) trucks, digging machines, line locators, STREET CLOSED signs, flaggers, lines of paint across our lawn, etc., and etc. was/were quite the circus. astonishingly, everything is okay — gas-wise that is. we still have the never-ending leak thru’ the roof which could be ANYWHERE instead of directly in front of our door, which causes ice build-up, etc.
    i guess i wouldn’t know what to do without the disaster-of-the-day.

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  4. Nothing worse than having to deal with frozen pipes. The weather sure has been different this year. We have been down in the single digits at night and up in the low 20’s and 30’s during the day. This week end calling for 40 and rain, snow mix, then rain on Sunday. Defiantly crazy.


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