All Together Now—FLAP!—Tuesday, January, 12, 2016

While I was waiting for the truck to dump, I noticed the birds were flocking together; I think it is called a murmuration.

Although, these birds were not Starlings, they were practicing the same art, as Starlings.

AHhhOkay, now!  Everyone here?  Ready, get set

MummerFLAP!  Raise those wings….now turn to the right

murmuration1Turn to the left…harder! Harder!  Break out a sweat!

murmuration2Now lift up and fly as high into the sky as you can

All-togetherAll together now! 1-2-3

HeartWell done! (see the heart they formed?)

See-the-heart-toolGood now!

RestRest!  We will go again later. DoneA job well done!

Your friend,



35 thoughts on “All Together Now—FLAP!—Tuesday, January, 12, 2016

  1. I just love the effortlessness of the birds as they take off in unison as if magicly being drawn there to the same form, same idea same plan sam action. For sure God in Action and the message coming clear to them all. A great lesson for us in Trusting, listening and then moving on it…..hey? Thanks, Linda, Merri

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  2. Linda.
    I am sure that they are common pigeons – like the homing variety.
    Here all silos have pigeons galore – the dropped seeds are the reason
    and they do take off as shown in your photos – maybe someone startled
    them or just for some exercise!
    The old wheat silos near my suburban rail station were just recently
    knocked down – they were suppose to be heritage listed and incorporated
    into the new high apartment block, but the silos were riddled with structural
    The pigeons and even some kookaburras had their nests in the silo holes
    so when the silos came down so off went the birds.
    There still are a couple of pairs of “kookas” around the place to remind
    me of the “bush” with their laughing calls, but as they also can hunt at night
    for mice etc. their triumphant “laughs” at 2.00 am are not all that welcome,
    especially just outside the window! ha ha.
    Obviously the corn is coming off?

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  3. People who work in employee management study things like flying birds, swimming fish and busy ants. They don’t seem to understand large groups which can do amazing things without some big leader to boss them around.

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