GUESS! WHAT!?!?!?!—-Thursday, November 1, 2018

Yesterday was my annual visit to the vet!

And my birthday is NOT 13, that Mom thought it was it’s my 12th birthday!!!

MOM WAS WRONG!!!!  I am much younger a whole YEAR younger!!!


Between One Lift of a Wing and the Next—Tuesday, September, 12, 1017

These bright Autumn days are full

We had an overnight visit from our Grandson…he is getting TALL—5’11”

Tally came for two days and two nights

Then the last load of hay

Left…1,500 bales all cut, stacked, sold and gone! YAY!

Terry’s sister and brother-in-law came for a couple of days

The hydraulic pump broke, went through the fan and pushed the fan into the radiator..sigh!

Of course, there is always the water to change

Life is busy, but still good.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


All Together Now—FLAP!—Tuesday, January, 12, 2016

While I was waiting for the truck to dump, I noticed the birds were flocking together; I think it is called a murmuration.

Although, these birds were not Starlings, they were practicing the same art, as Starlings.

AHhhOkay, now!  Everyone here?  Ready, get set

MummerFLAP!  Raise those wings….now turn to the right

murmuration1Turn to the left…harder! Harder!  Break out a sweat!

murmuration2Now lift up and fly as high into the sky as you can

All-togetherAll together now! 1-2-3

HeartWell done! (see the heart they formed?)

See-the-heart-toolGood now!

RestRest!  We will go again later. DoneA job well done!

Your friend,


It Is Not Always Work—Monday, October, 12, 2015


Moving-PipeWe’ve moved all the pipe!

Last-of-the-pipeEach four-wheeler hauling it’s share…back and forth, back and forth.  Suddenly we were done!

FoothillsAs the day started winding down, Terry asked me if I wanted to go for a little ride.




Flying low to the ground


Hair in the wind….we unwound from the day.

Your friend,