Gift!—Snow!—Done!—Tuesday, January, 19, 2016

Before-DawnEarly, early the loaded truck would head for the Elevator..they open at 6 a.m.

HaulingThen back in time to head out to the field to start the combining.  Although, one never really knew when the load would be dumped—sometimes the wait could be three hours or more.  But by eleven a.m. Terry’s would be able to get into the fields and start loading up the truck.

Corn-Harvest-2015-aWe had clear skies most of the time

Corn-Harvest-2015-eThree loads a day, if we could dump and get away without a long wait.

So-farAt the worst only one load.

Corn-Harvest-2015-dBut always, always we were able to get one load at night, to sit under the shed.  We covered up the truck (just incase) then we would haul out just before first light.

Corn-Harvest-2015-cYesterday was the last day.  The last load!  The last dump!

The last of 2015 harvest is now—

Elevator-1at the Elevator!


FinishedToday we woke up to snow.  But our fields are harvested.

Still I feel bad for those who are stuck.  They will have to wait for this snow to dry off the shucks and the leaves before they can start again.  Our neighbor told us his corn is still running 20%.  What a hard year for corn harvest.

I am most thankful for the ability to get our harvest in, what a wonderful gift!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



46 thoughts on “Gift!—Snow!—Done!—Tuesday, January, 19, 2016

  1. I am so, so glad you were able to finish!! I feel bad for the other farmers not done, too. I saw one field not harvested yesterday also. (Cotton) we’re to have good weather this week, tho. Now you can hunker down for the rest of the winter.


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    • We can certainly relax a wee bit. Of course, you know how it is…winter is the time you get ready for spring. Gosh I hope the cotton all gets in. What a long wet harvest this has been for us and for you all.


  2. It seems funny to read about harvest up here in NE Minnesota where we have a foot of snow and three feet of ice on our lakes by now and ice towns built up for fishing out there and minus twenty degrees!!! I love the diversity of Life and our experience don’t you? Love the golden corn in that truck. Love to you Linda and Terry and Boomer,,,,hope yoru fires are burning brightly and you have the coffee on …Love Merri

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  3. Thank God – the crop is off. That is really good news. Now I hope you get
    a good price for all that hard work and then that LONG wait.
    Still this mild night weather here????? This is past mid-JANUARY and I have two
    blankets still on my bed!!!
    As you can imagine I am glued virtually to the TV from 10.00 am in the morning
    till late at night with the Australian Open tennis. It gets harder every year to stay
    awake – I wonder why??? ha ha.
    I hope you are able – weather permitting to take a short break to recharge your batteries
    and this year – your nervous systems.

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  4. I expect you’re sending up hallelujahs and planning some serious down time, even if only for a few days. Is the crop worth the worry, long term? Is there something else that you can substitute which has less specific harvesting conditions?

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  5. Oh, I’m so glad to hear that your corn harvest is finally done this year. I have thought about you folks so many times and wondered how much longer before you could get finished. Thank God!
    Now I hope your neighbors will soon be able to get finished too.

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  6. Real happy for you Linda. Also, a big salute for keeping at it till it was done. I recall a “Dadism” just now– “Whatever you do, do with your might, things done by halves are never done right.” Praise God for decent enough weather too, He provide a window of opportunity, didn’t He?
    Good post, thanks. John

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