A Week of Gifts—Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sun-1Driving home from the elevator the other morning I noticed the clouds were starting to thin…

Sun-3giving to me (and anyone who wanted to look) a view of a sky–a sky so vast it makes one dizzy to look up….then I saw it—

Sun-2A true look at the sun!  A perfect gift from the heavens!

At first I thought I was seeing the moon. Once home I looked up the moon phases on the calendar and I realized we were in a sliver of a moon phase so this truly was the sun!

What an amazing and joyful site…to actually see the sun without blinding myself!

Your friend,




21 thoughts on “A Week of Gifts—Sunday, January 17, 2016

    • Thanks, John. Sunshine here…although we do NOT like working on Sunday, the moisture content was just right so Terry opened the field. One truck loaded. We will work better tomorrow if everything holds together.


  1. It’s a cold looking sun, but it IS the sun and having spent many winters in Oregon without seeing much of it at all for days, I know it is a gift many would be thrilled to share! And it is rather amazing to be able to stare at it. (For those of us living in Florida , it would be best not to try this at home!)

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