Another Gift—-Thursday, January 21, 2016

One day last week I opened my email to find a wonderful photo gift from my blog friend in Minnesota … she takes the most wonderful photos.

I asked her if I could share…she most graciously said I could.


“I lived in Duluth and taught school there and attended college at the U of M………….it is totally a magical town… this is my photo of  Duluth Lighthouse in the harbor”.  Merri wrote to me.

What a beautiful sunset!

Thank you, Merri!

If any of you would like to send me a photo to feature on my blog I would be more than happy to share with my readers.  You will always, always get the credit.  AND… we will get to see more of where you live!  SMILE!!!

Your very blessed friend,



26 thoughts on “Another Gift—-Thursday, January 21, 2016

  1. This is lovely. Another wonderful gift indeed. One of Bill’s sisters lives in Bemidji Minnesota and a few years ago on our way to see her we stayed in Duluth a couple of days; it is really a lovely city. (Our first and only trip to that great State).


  2. Duluth on Lake Superior is a lovely city – in summer!
    We camped in a great camping area on the lakeside – spotlessly clean
    and so well maintained.
    Went sailing on the lake with “medicos” from the Mayo Clinic on one of
    my trips to Rochester.
    However those winds off the lake in Winter would not be seeing me near the
    city – the thought of the cold makes me shiver now in our summer time
    in Australia.
    Lovely photo of the lighthouse, Merri.


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