Another Gift—-Thursday, January 21, 2016

One day last week I opened my email to find a wonderful photo gift from my blog friend in Minnesota … she takes the most wonderful photos.

I asked her if I could share…she most graciously said I could.


“I lived in Duluth and taught school there and attended college at the U of M………….it is totally a magical town… this is my photo of  Duluth Lighthouse in the harbor”.  Merri wrote to me.

What a beautiful sunset!

Thank you, Merri!

If any of you would like to send me a photo to feature on my blog I would be more than happy to share with my readers.  You will always, always get the credit.  AND… we will get to see more of where you live!  SMILE!!!

Your very blessed friend,


For the Week—Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our Craig, Colorado kids all went home…without two of the grandchildren 🙂   Blade wanted to stay with Aunt Shannon (part-time) and with his cousin on his Dad’s side some/most of the time.  Blade and Zack are very close cousins and friends so spending time with each other is very special to both of them.  Blade will also spend time with us…at 13 you just have so much you want to do, with so little time to do it.

UpTally is staying with us.  I will call a little friend she liked to play with sometime today and arrange a play date, but mostly it will be Tally, Grandpa and I.  We will got see Aunt Shannon and Jason and the dogs and cats, but that will be just to visit.

SwingLinkin and her best friend will be spending the whole week at Craig, no brother or sister to interrupt their very serious best-friend-forever time.  Then next weekend we will switch and Linkin will spend the week with us. (I’m sure Elly will be here and Linkin will be at her house off and on.)

RoundOn our way to get some guinea pig food (Blade’s pig is staying with us also 🙂 ) Grandpa and Tally wanted to play at one of the parks on the way home.    There was a little girl already playing there, which added to the fun.  (Who do you think had the most fun?

1 Tally ?

2. New Friend ?

3 Grandpa ?

If you guess Grandpa…YOU WIN!!!  Just look at that smiles— they say it all.

I’m so far behind on commenting, but please know that I am reading them. I am also reading your blogs.  I am also a tad stretched at the moment, but I hope to get into a routine soon.

Your friend,