Love the Moon! Full Wolf Moon—Sunday, January 24, 2016


Boomer and I still go for walks in the moonlight.  We both love it!

Back in the house, I put a couple of logs on the fire, then head back to bed.  Sammy, our old cat,  is trying to sleep in his spot on the bed, but the full moon lights up the whole room so much he has to cover his eyes.  🙂  It makes me smile to see him.

I leave the curtains open—I love the moon light.  The west side of the house has a soft radiance filling the rooms caused from the silver beams coming through the curtainless windows. Suffusing everything in silver light.

January is the time of the Full Wolf Moon. The full moon names date back to Native Americans.  January is the time of deep snows and very cold temperatures.  It is also a time of starvation, thus the howling of the wolves in search of food.

This moon is also the second full moon after the solstice.  

The Full Wolf Moon came into its full and dramatic beauty last night.  It is most stunning!

As always your friend,



37 thoughts on “Love the Moon! Full Wolf Moon—Sunday, January 24, 2016

  1. As the cows will be coming in for calving soon, I sure hope the wolves stay up in “them thar
    mountains”. I think Boomer will agree with me on that one!

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  2. Beautiful picture of the full moon, Linda! I noticed it last night, too. I woke up several times thinking it was morning and coffee time each time!! It was so bright! Had not heard of full wolf moon either, but love the names the Native Americans give everything.


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