Sand Hill Cranes—Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cranes-1I feel so lucky…well, I feel they WE are so lucky!

Cranes-6We have masses of Sandhill Cranes living on the farm.

A huge gift from nature!

Your friend on a farm full of Sandhill Cranes in the high mountain desert of the Rocky Mountains,




32 thoughts on “Sand Hill Cranes—Thursday, January 28, 2016

  1. They look so graceful in flight and irrespective of any noise
    they are excellent fertilisers and their contribution of this business
    is “cost free”. That is the best part.

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  2. The Sandhills fly over us twice a year during migration. It’s always wonderful to hear that call as they fly. It’s sort of like the Canada geese but higher, reedier, a bit of warble in it, the necks too long, with the too long legs behind (if you can see them, sometimes you can’t). We’ve had both the cranes and geese flying at the same time and calling, that’s when you can tell the difference and see it too when the birds are visible. So glad you’ve got some on the farm. They’re very skittish, but I have seen them at a distance.


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