In a Cold so Cold Your Bones Hurt—Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Merri wrote me and explained that this:  Photo not mine but Paul Pluskwick’s from town he is a master at this catching the moment..he is amazing..and I am blessed to know him..Paul has shown many of us how to use our cameras……He uses light like no other….and I have the picture on my own but not this one.

I think he deserves the credit.  Paul  does not care who posts the pictures so it is fine to do that…… we all learn from his clarity and love of  Virginia Mn….so it is all our picture and it is ok to share it as you have just wanted to give you a collective view of it . Paul takes area photos  here…and I walk up there often as well and take my own\around for myself and my use too. Paul is a wonderful man and loves doing what he does and sharing with the world. He is a blessing…..Love Merri

So there you have it…Paul Pluskwick is the author of the photo.  Thank you, Plau!

We are so lucky, again, You and I!  Merri took a wee walk-about…(even though it was so cold your bones hurt).

Leaving her house to parts we will not know of, then heading back home through the park which is just across from her lovely little house; she noticed the stunning beauty of the setting sun streaming through the gazebo.

Merri's-ParkThinking I (and you) might enjoy this ethereal light she graciously sent it on to me.

For those of you who have asked, Merri does not have blog.  I wish she did. But lucky us, she allows me to post her photos on my blog for all of us to enjoy.

With much love, Merri…for sharing with us your world in Minnesota!

As always your friend,




15 thoughts on “In a Cold so Cold Your Bones Hurt—Wednesday, January 27, 2016

  1. Beautiful photo – cold is gorgeous, when you’re inside and warm enjoying the sight of it 🙂

    I used to love the cold – invigorating and hushed in the snow. Quiet but for the Jays and Ravens squawking (probably about the cold). Now, my old bones don’t much care for the feel, but the sight is still beautiful.

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