The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Getting Ready

Dad, Mom, and I put the farm to bed this week.

Ditches-1We picked up all the syphon tubes and worked on fences.


It’s time, you see.


Time to put the farm to bed, button all the hatches, and get ready for the cows to come!


Mom is very excited that we are close to getting the cows.  Mom says having the cows here helps her get past winter faster.  She also likes seeing the baby calves popping out here and there on the farm.


So this week we’ve been really busy…getting ready.



25 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Getting Ready

  1. Being around a farm when it’s idle, in the cold, after harvest, is always a surreal feeling.

    I can remember leaning on fence posts, breathing in the bitter cold, but very clean air of the Oklahoma winters. It was always invigorating and there was very little sound in the air but the Crows and Ravens in the woods and fields looking for leftovers. It always gave me the feeling of aloneness, even with others around.

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