Hearts of Sweetness—Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our children in Craig, Colorado, will be coming for Valentine’s Day.  Really they coming because it is a small break for their school district, and since all of them are in the school district in some form, they all get a break.


(the pink are cinnamon, the blue is mint, the purple flavored raspberry, and the yellow is orange flavor.  So far everyone always pick pink and falls in love with it.  As a result they don’t try the other flavors/colors.  🙂  )

WE will get to see our grandchildren! (Oh, yes and their parents. tee hee)

It is also our youngest grandchild’s birthday that weekend.

So, with all this in mind, I decided I would make a huge selection of treats and goodies…perfect for snacking, or for a birthday celebration.


And, of course, Valentine’s Day!  🙂


Tally’s name is Tallin Rose. Her birthday falls on February 15th…don’t you just know for every birthday, for the rest of her life, she will be gifted with hearts and roses?  🙂

To top it all off her favorite color is pink…preferably SPARKLY pink!  She makes me smile.

Very much your friend,



18 thoughts on “Hearts of Sweetness—Wednesday, February 3, 2016

  1. I am sure that you will have a super day with Bladen, Lindken and Tallin Rose and of course their great parents, Misty and Kelly.
    Now I hope finally I have got all names right?
    Looks like FINALLY that storm will come – plenty of noises and very, very dark.
    Wednesday 6.30 pm.
    Not so “Phewsville” today – bearable !!! As long as the nights are cool, I am a “happy little vegemite” as we say here. Vegemite is not very popular in the USA, but I love it on toast.
    PS: Don’t forget the bean instructions!

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  2. Linda, I just love all your pretty heart cookies. I’d like to try each kind!!! How fun that you’re getting ready for such a great visit with your grandkids and kids. And you get to celebrate a birthday too!!! We will do the same, about two weeks after you. Enjoy!!! and thanks always for the great blog!

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