A Wee Walk About—Tuesday, February 2, 2016

East-1Our air started chilling down on Saturday night…growing thick with mystery and the  promise of snow.  The gray-pink clouds began enfolding the earth, as the sun set assuring us of a blanket white enchantment.


Sunday the snow started falling; winter’s promise was still alive.

Terry and I spent Sunday warm and safe.  Although, a little on the bored side.

Boomer and I took a wee walk in the soft, muffled air.  Boomer doesn’t really walk with me, there is always so much more to see and do than stay right by my side.  Of course, now that cows are here he tends to not drift TOO far away!

Snow-2 Waking on the farm  is to walk to the sound of silence — for even the cows are quiet  in the falling snow.

SnowWalking is satisfying,  getting outside is delicious.


Monday morning the snow was thick and lush and rich.  As I shoveled the snow off the sidewalks there was only my footprints, Boomer’s and the cats!  (I enjoyed being the only human foot prints in the yard. 🙂 )

Snow! That gift of water for the spring, summer and fall!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,






34 thoughts on “A Wee Walk About—Tuesday, February 2, 2016

  1. Linda – looks very cold but at the moment (7.15 pm – Tuesday) the heat here could have me rolling in that lovely white stuff. Remember here it is Bloody February!
    i knew this had to come eventually!
    Hope the cows are copping with the freeze – I’m sure they have found a place in the
    paddock to shelter.
    Pheeeee – here and Brrrrrrrrrrr over at Ranch Brown.
    Presently I’ll go Ranch Brown.

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      • Having seen that range of temperatures in your neck of the woods and with that chill factor – once experienced in Canada, never again.
        I’ll stick to cold showers, thanks.
        Anyhow today and for the rest of the week, the temperatures here are suppose to drop to the “bearable”.
        It was still “Phewsville” until about 10.00 pm last night, then the ocean breezes came to the rescue.

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  2. I wish we could send you some of our excess water for you to store up for your dry Summer months Linda. We had over ten inches during December and over eleven inches in January and it is still raining most days – and we are having terribly windy days too. Never remember a winter like it.

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    • You are getting a terrible amount of water. Although, this year is a very wet year for us. Last year was nice and wet also. There have been those years that I would take you up on the water, though.


  3. I am sure you know this about shoveling in snow Linda, BUT do not strain yourself in the cold and like you said it takes your breathe away. People have heart problems when shoveling in snow. Be careful.
    We have rain here south of Wichita, Ks. just an hour north of us the rest of the state is having blinding snow and I-70 that goes east and west is closed,so will take the rain.
    Be careful everyone. Sharon Drake South central Kansas

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    • Gosh…I think I would take the rain over the blinding snow also. Thank you for your care, Sharon. I do take my time…heavy wet snow is hard to scrape so I work until I tire, then I rest. Then work again.


  4. I love the description! You had quite a dump of snow by the looks of it. We’re just a sheet of ice here in the yard but the cows are back to mostly grazing and we’re using a lot less feed.


  5. A beautiful scene to walk in, albeit it very cold! It is quite cold here…20 last night and just up to 35 today, but not much wind. Wasn’t too bad for February!


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