From Night into Dawn—Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Our-LaneIt was a beautiful night last night.  Boomer and walked around 1:00 in the morning.  Our long lane was frozen solid, which was a good thing.  Otherwise parts of it is so heavy with mud I don’t feel like walking down it to get the mail in the daytime.

The sky was thick with stars!  They seem to be hung low and hugely bright. The moon is a very, very faint silver thread, which winds it’s way in the heavens sinking long before morning.

There is no storm brewing so the cows are all bedded down way across the way.  If there was a storm in the making the cows would be out grazing.


I love the land!  I also understand the enchantment of solitude.    And I know there is healing in quiet places.


Morning arrived today on a stiff little breeze.   Although, the breeze stopped around nine o’clock.

Morning1Beauty is truly there, surrounding us…if we just stop to see.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



40 thoughts on “From Night into Dawn—Tuesday, February 9, 2016

  1. Yes, it is such a beautiful world. and you live in one of the mostbeautiful parts of it. Mountains, farmland , cows and Boomer..why that must be like heaven on earth! Love the pinks you get out that way…and the trees..I am a tree lover and love to sketch them and pen and ink them over a wash of paint , I will try copying this most gorgous photo…Thank you , all…and how beautiful to be able to walk at one in the morning…wow….and a canopy of stars…no lights to interfere..yes, indeed heaven on earth!! smiles, Merri

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  2. We recently sold our Arkansas farm – and I still visit the place – but when we had the cattle, I worked two jobs, so I would go out to feed before daylight each morning so I’d have time to clean up and change for work…..I loved it: so peaceful unless the coyotes were howling off in the distance. seeing the new babies, even fixing fence or cutting firewood – I miss it.

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    • I guess I’m afraid to miss something. Things in the middle of the night are so very different from the day, or the beginning of the day, or the ending of the day. I just love it.


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