First Rattle Out-of-the-Box—-Thursday, February 11, 2016

The very first thing this morning we had a load of gravel delivered.  He had to come this early while the ground was still frozen.


The mud is so terribly bad we can’t get anything done.  we can’t even walk out to the hay stack yard or even to the shops without sinking up to our ankles.


Although, we only graveled by the buildings

Spreading-Gravel-5and down the long lane by the bridge,


it really should help.

Spreading-Gravel-3NOW!  Boomer and I can go for a walk to get the mail, instead of taking a wheeled-vehicle.

NOW!  When the last loads of hay leave the yard they can GET it to get it!  YAY!

It’s supposed to be 48* today! The sun is shining and the birds are singing.  We have gravel covering up the mud…Life is Good!




32 thoughts on “First Rattle Out-of-the-Box—-Thursday, February 11, 2016

  1. I’m so glad you got the slick and slimy covered. I hate MUD! We are frigid and everything frozen and wind howling here. Tonight through the weekend is frigid and more snow on Monday but they’re not sure how much will fall! My chickens want out of their house so bad but I try to keep them up when there’s snow on the ground and keep their tootsies warm. I take them lots of greens and wildbird seed too.

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  2. What a luxury !! wind is drying my mud up, but tomorrow we are supposed to get rain and snow. We won’t complain about moisture though, will we. We will need it come spring and summer..I keep an eye on the river to see if it shows signs of water coming out of the mountains. Not yet!

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  3. That gravel is an unexpected expense I should think, but it hopefully will make
    traversing your homestead area less miserable with all the mud and “yuck”.
    Cheers for pleasant walking
    PS: We had a wandering ISA BROWN hen marching up the footpath here this morning.
    She just sat to be picked up by yours truly. I’d like to bundle her up and send her off
    to Rita in Virginia, USA.
    She is now with the two Indian Game hens across the road, but they took a distinct dislike
    to her – “not quite Murder on the Orient Express” but separation had to be done.
    Signs are up for the owners to collect on street posts. Never a dull moment sometimes even
    in suburbia, ha ha.

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