Everything Normal for January — Sunday, January 13, 2019

Each day is a typical January day for our part of the high desert plains of Colorado

We were in the slush and slog of a quiet winter melt

When Saturday morning we woke up to a wee lovely snow

Enough Terry thought he would take a small ride down the long, long lane to the county road

Beaglie and I went for walk up the farm to the haystack are and back

Later in the afternoon, the sun came out and what was once a snow-packed road became a road of melt

The result by the ending of the day…we were back to  MELT!!  (Mud)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Enter the Sun —- Sunday, January 22, 2017

snowAfter a brief dusting of snow

melted-snowWe melted!  Adding too the already mud and slop.


Then the rains came!  Popping up bubbles in the huge puddles.  Fun little bubbles, as if the earth was adding some humor into all the moisture.

sunbeams-003Then this morning we woke up to fleeing clouds

sunbeams-001And sunlight over the land

As I write this the sky is  clear, the sun bright, and there is beauty all around!

From my world to your heart!


First Rattle Out-of-the-Box—-Thursday, February 11, 2016

The very first thing this morning we had a load of gravel delivered.  He had to come this early while the ground was still frozen.


The mud is so terribly bad we can’t get anything done.  we can’t even walk out to the hay stack yard or even to the shops without sinking up to our ankles.


Although, we only graveled by the buildings

Spreading-Gravel-5and down the long lane by the bridge,


it really should help.

Spreading-Gravel-3NOW!  Boomer and I can go for a walk to get the mail, instead of taking a wheeled-vehicle.

NOW!  When the last loads of hay leave the yard they can GET it to get it!  YAY!

It’s supposed to be 48* today! The sun is shining and the birds are singing.  We have gravel covering up the mud…Life is Good!




A Wee Walk About—Tuesday, February 2, 2016

East-1Our air started chilling down on Saturday night…growing thick with mystery and the  promise of snow.  The gray-pink clouds began enfolding the earth, as the sun set assuring us of a blanket white enchantment.


Sunday the snow started falling; winter’s promise was still alive.

Terry and I spent Sunday warm and safe.  Although, a little on the bored side.

Boomer and I took a wee walk in the soft, muffled air.  Boomer doesn’t really walk with me, there is always so much more to see and do than stay right by my side.  Of course, now that cows are here he tends to not drift TOO far away!

Snow-2 Waking on the farm  is to walk to the sound of silence — for even the cows are quiet  in the falling snow.

SnowWalking is satisfying,  getting outside is delicious.


Monday morning the snow was thick and lush and rich.  As I shoveled the snow off the sidewalks there was only my footprints, Boomer’s and the cats!  (I enjoyed being the only human foot prints in the yard. 🙂 )

Snow! That gift of water for the spring, summer and fall!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





A Storm Rolled in Last Night—-Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We woke up to snow this morning!  Although it IS melting, it’s still snow.  Sure seems early this year.

Off-we-goTerry and I worked on the fire roads.  We have one that is a pain in the ….well, you know what.

Fire-road-1Yep, Terry is stuck…that’s a chain, whereby I’m pulling him out. This particular spot is a real struggle.  Twice a year we clear and clean and create making it safe to get to the rest of the farm.

Fire is a mighty and very scary thing.

Helping-MomBoomer worked right along side of us, up and down, back and forth…over and over again.

Right now the wind is blowing, sharp and cold; pushing the clouds toward the north and the east, mud is appearing where the snow once was.  Work on the fire roads has ended for the year.

Your friend on a very muddy western Colorado farm,


A Small Frozen Fog—Tuesday, October 27, 20015

morning-fog-2.jpgWe had a wee fog this morning, caused by very cold temperatures from the very wet ground (the sun came out yesterday afternoon…Boomer and I went out and danced on the lawn, it was too wet to take a walk. 🙂  )

Moon-2And the very lovely clear sky and the warmer canal water.

Morning-Fog-1I’m wondering if we had a freeze.  It is possible.

Morning-Fog-3The grass was rather crunchy when I walk out to get some early photos…as the day warms up I will be able to tell.

It’s time.  Actually, a little late.  But that is okay, I’ve enjoyed the warmth while it lasted. 🙂

As always your friend,




We are Frozen Here—Thursday, April 16, 2015

SnowingIt’s snowing here…giant fluffy flakes of winter’s snow.  They say we could have as much as 3 inches.  😦  The only good thing, about it being snow, is it isn’t as wet as rain.  To work in rain is the pits.  At least with the snow you only freeze to death.  The mud comes later.

11You can’t see the snow here, because it hadn’t started yet, but it is there….waiting in the clouds

10Lurking, ready to begin.  You can see the snow falling in the canyons…if there were no snow the canyons would be crisp and clear to your eye, it’s misty..either rain or snow.  Today it is snow.

8My hands are froze.  Since I set the tubes and help walk the water {Terry does all the back breaking digging and he helps walk the water} I sometimes have to get my hands in the water.  That’s why I can’t wear gloves, even plastic gloves won’t work, I’ve tried them. What I need to do is get good enough I don’t have to stop, bin over and place the tube in the water, grab the end of the tube (to form a suction) in the water, then quickly set the tube in the row.  Terry and MIsty can do it, but not I.

18Oh, well, it ’tis what it ’tis.

I have my seeds started for the year.  I hope to plant out by Mother’s Day. (who knows with this year)

19Tomatoes, water melon, flowers and other goodies, happily sprouting away.

Happy Winter, er, Spring…whatever 🙂  I wish all of you peace and so much love,

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Mud Season (And I’m not Complaining) February 12, 2014

m‘Needless to say’ ( favorite saying of my Momma’s) you don’t walk around in flip-flops, or regular shoes of any sort right now, you still walk with your boots on.

But instead of the crunch, and creak, and squeak of the snow your feet with the boots on them make a sort of plunk, and splash, and sucking sound.

BUT I’m NOT complaining!  No matter what, after snow you must have mud.  Every day that you have mud with sun and little wind is a day closer to DIRT! or SOIL! or just plain Ground!

The mud is bad enough the dogs don’t like to walk with me, which is okay.  I walked without them.  I wanted to see if the winter annual weeds were perking up–gathering juices to spring forth in all their weedy wonder.

nYep, the nasty Cheat Grass is greening up nicely.  Cheat grass is really a mess…it has tiny little barbs that catch in the throats and coats of animals, on socks and pant legs, in general is just a mess.  I really should go out and spray it with weed killer in the fall, but I never seem to get around too it.  Fall is so extremely busy for us.



I like this little plant…it has little purple flowers and is part of the mustard family.  Since I like this plant I will never try to kill it, although, I don’t know what benefits it has except to make me smile.  And I do, every time I see it.


While out and about a Murder of Crows flew around and around on the wind thermals, forming figure eights in the air, calling and calling for all to hear:  Caw, Caw, Spring is near!

Back home I had three inch clumps of mud on my boots, the dogs just looked at me then rested their heads back down on their paws, as if saying: see that’s why WE didn’t want to go.


That’s okay, I told them!  The walk did me good, it filled that slot that had grown thin in waiting, I now have Joy in my soul.

Your Happy Friend,




It’s Still Raining Here February 10, 2014

We went from days and days of this


to two days of rain and warmer weather, which produced this


But yesterday, we were on the Uncompaghre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray) enjoying the snow.

We had a great time at Max’s place.  He had his roads all packed down so we could sled and sled and sled.

FunEveryone went, Max, Terry, Misty and Kelly, all the little kids and even me!

Up and down most of the day we went.  Then when the little one was getting tired and cranky and whiny we stopped and cooked hot dogs and marshmallows in Max’s fire pit.

DownMax and Grandpa even proved to the little ones, you are never to old to go down a hill fast



I must admit that when we got home, Terry and I took an hour long nap.  We were a little tired.  I called the grandchildren later and the only person who took a nap was their Dad.

Today is cloudy and overcast and raining; but later on in the week we are supposed to hit 59-60* with sun.  Sun!!! Sun helps dry up all the rain.  WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

Your Friend,






The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — ‘tis Done – if not it Should Be

Boomer and I are so DONE with all this rain! DONE, let me tell you!


The world is wet, wet, wet!  Although, not as wet around Estes Park and Boulder, but still very muddy here.

My feet are mud colored now, not white.  Mom keeps them wiped off, but it’s useless the second I go back outside  — and I LOVE outside!


I have mud feet again!



The everyday, three times or more a day, changing of the water is done.






Mom still takes us for a daily ride about…just to see what we can see.


Sam Cat says he’s done with the wet also…the mice are staying inside so everything is a tad boring for even him.


Cats’ sure sleep a lot don’t they? (Boomer and I don’t sleep, we just ‘rest our eyes’, cats snore.  Snort, chuckle, laugh!


Anyway, just to let you know Boomer and I are ready for some sunshine…Beautiful Sunshine.

The rain keeps everything so wet the smells are all gone!

Until then I’m hanging out in the dry spot of the whole outside…just because, you see, I love the outdoors.