For Me March 1st is the Start of Spring—-March 1, 2016

Jagged-HeartI give to you a jagged heart.  For you see, for me — Spring begins today.

Always spring begins for me on the 1st of March, no matter the weather…Lion or lamb.


For most everyone Spring begins as soon as the days are longer than the nights…which is based on the equinox.

HOTThe weather has been delightful.  Warm days, woodfire worthy nights…dry soil so I can clean around the buildings. Light winds.

4My winter weary body is gradually building itself back up …Life is good!

Sending you love on a fine Spring day!



34 thoughts on “For Me March 1st is the Start of Spring—-March 1, 2016

  1. Isn’t it great to have to spring is on the way, my bulbs are peaking trhough the ground, the fruit trees are budding…Spring one of my favorite times of the year.

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  2. We felt Spring today here too. There was warm sun on our cheeks, and heavy coats being shed for lighter sweaters. There is a major cold snap headed in tomorrow with snow and lightning predicted…but it will be over as quickly as it comes, and then Spring will be here for real. Can’t wait. My favorite season!

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  3. Happy Spring, Happy Spring!
    May you have sunshine , just the right amount of showers, and perfect temperatures! Can’t wait to see your yard full of flowers 🙂
    And NO wind!

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  4. So pleased that your winter is over. Here Autumn has begun (March 1st) and steady rain for the start – which hopefully is falling on the farms/properties ( as we call them) out west.
    Winter fodder is paramount for the stock.
    How is the calf population progressing – all the cows should by now have “dropped” their
    I always get a grin with the expression – “dropping calves, lambs and foals”.
    You can get vivid images of these just plopping from heights onto the ground – ha ha.
    I meant to congratulate you on that white charolais calf header – it was a beauty.
    Cheers and happy preparations for that great pinto crop for 2016.

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  5. And here I am Down Under, breathing a sigh of relief that the end of our endless hot and DRY Wet season is finally in sight. I landed last night in heavy, fine, dense rain, hurray, but still a comfortable 26C/78F, so not at all miserable, just beautifully wet!

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