The Fire Season—-Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fire-Road-1We have been  working on the fire roads.  This is a scary time of year for us.

Fire-road-1As you can see there is lots of fuel, if a fire were to get away from someone burning off their fields.


Twice we had two different neighbors start fires below us and go off and leave them. The fires came just five feet from the barn and corrals at our rental.  It was terrifying.

The photos here are of the one in 2012.Fire-10 (the second fire…was in  2011 from a different neighbor)

Then on March 16, 2012 the ditch company burned up the other two sides of our place.

Since that time we have been very, very careful! to keep fire roads open and well maintained.  For years and years we never even had fire roads, nor did we need fire roads.  It just all started about 8 years ago when people decided to burn instead of work the ground up.

Terry, also, disks around all the corn fields and the alfalfa fields.  Having those fields disked actually stopped the second fire from swooshing across to our house and barns.   Fire makes it’s own wind and with the wind blowing it can travel very fast, even jumping from spot to spot.

Road-1We feel the roads are in now good shape; so today he will start disking around the ends of the fields.


Usually I drive the tractor  with the loader, but sometimes Terry and I switch.

Yes-I-driveHe’s MUCH better at the scary stuff and than I am!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



36 thoughts on “The Fire Season—-Wednesday, March 2, 2016

  1. Your views are lovely! Sorry about the fires though. That must be terrible. We have had a couple start to come our way over the years but luckily they stopped before they got on our land. I hope you have a safe and uneventful season.

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  2. It’s criminally irresponsible to start a fire and walk away from it. Not to mention insane. They’d have richly deserved a swift change of wind direction and everything they owned going up in smoke.

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  3. Scarey to say the least! Good to have the fire roads under the conditions. The wind has been awful over here. Still under a red flag warning – with snow on the ground :-/

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  4. Boy do I know about the dangers of fire. Was evacuated during the Rodeo Chediski fire in 2002 for 10 days because some nimrod set the whole mountain on fire. I’m glad you are prepared somewhat. Fire is just plain scary.

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  5. Burning off is necessary at times – gets rid of thistles and the rubbish undergrowth,
    but you have to be so careful and constantly vigilant for wind changes.
    There are strict penalities here and permission has to be granted by the council
    and the emergency services – or ELSE. And ELSE can be very expensive.
    The white young cow in the fantastic header seems to be giving you the eye.
    “One step closer and you will feel my wrath!!!”
    She sure looks ready at a moment’s notice to drop her calf and I don’t think she
    wants spectators – ha ha. ” It is a private thing”.

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  6. A horse. I see a pinto horse.

    Not much ag burning in California anymore. They even regulate which days you can burn in your fireplace or wood stove in the winter. At first the rice farmers had problems, they used to burn their chaff. I think now they flood the fields in the fall. That rots the chaff, gives migrating waterfowl a place to stay, and recharges the aquifer. Then in the spring the fields are plowed. Sometimes the easiest way is not the best. Leave it to a REAL farmer to figure it out.

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  7. you mentioned “ditch company” –> same for us! they (Ute water) burned the canal below our house, and scorched a few of our lower horse-arena fence posts pretty good! and my wife was even more upset in that the Ute Water personnel just drove on by seemingly clueless …

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