Everything is Coming Up BULBS—Sunday, March 13, 2016

SmallI’m so excited!  My bulbs are finally starting to poke their little selves about the ground!

Coming-up-TuplisOh! The joy! Joy! Joy!

From my world to yours!


20 thoughts on “Everything is Coming Up BULBS—Sunday, March 13, 2016

  1. Oh look at that wonderful beginning of spring just poking out. I really do miss early spring and I do remember the joy of the first growth (tho in Oregon it would have been in February, but the same feelings of course!). Of course here in subtropical Florida, no winter — no spring. Life is a series of tradeoffs ;>)

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  2. Oh, the wonder of spring and new life popping up out of the ground. Even though I don’t always get to comment, I love visiting your blog. I’m teaching a course online called Sacred Earth and last week read your beautiful words about the wonder of the sky (from an earlier post) – not emptiness you said, but full of life. We are opening to air, space, distance and you have it in abundance where you are living. Thank you for keeping wonder so alive.

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  3. Yes ma’am, that first new life that peeks through brings the smiles. Such was the case when I inspected my rhubarb last week and found new little nubbies ( is that a word? ) coming up. Thanks for sharing.

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