The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Good-Bye


See ya next year!

WHEREI was out and about checking the happenings on the farm, about three o’clock in the afternoon, when I started hearing lots and lots of hollering…





The racket was LOUD!  So I trotted over to the old pinto bean field to see what was happening.


HUH?!?!  WHAT!  The cows are leaving!


I saw Mr. Davis, Mrs. Davis, and his daughters– Teresa and Rose– sorting the ‘almost-to-be-mommas’ from the already had babies mommas, then herding them to the gate to the road!


And DOWN the road.


I barked and hollered back at them—BYE, I don’t want you to leave, BYE!  I’ve enjoyed having you here!”


Then the next day the Davis’ were all back…this time they separated the older calves from the just born calves, or the calves that were less than a week old.


Driving the babies and their moms over to the pinto bean field, then through the gate…and they were gone also.


This morning, as Mom was putting all the cats outside with me, Mr. Davis and Teresa stopped and said in two or three days they would have all the cows out.  They want to give the babies a chance to be strong enough to walk to the pastures by their ranch house.

I heard Mom say she would let Terry (Dad) know.  “Thank you.  It’s always nice to have the cows and calves on the place.” She told Davis’.

With a smile and a wave from everyone the Davis’ were off.  So was I…they have a cool dog in the back of the truck…we have major bark-offs as he drives away.



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Good-Bye

  1. So fun having those amazing, special visitors. I’m sorry your snack-makers are leaving so soon. I guess you’re back to kibble and veggies and dog cookies, B. Oh well. Hopefully, the geese will leave you some candies in the grass.

    Love and licks,


  2. Sure is an impressive blazed faced chestnut stock horse, I would have liked
    such a well marked equestrian steed in my young, pony club days.

    Rancher Davis certainly is of the top echelon in his knowledge of the weaknesses
    and strengths of the young calves and what a road trip can do to the young calves.
    My paternal grandfather was a sticker for that principle.
    Also grand dad Huggins, who boasted that no horse ever threw him (well I wasn’t around
    in his younger days – ha ha) and in WW1 he was a ‘horse breaker’ for the mounted soldiers, would have had an approval grin on his face of the riders as shown. The horse reins in the left hand!
    The right hand was for the whip!
    Until next year. Great report on the cows and their calves for 2016.
    Colin (7.30 am Saturday 12th)

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  3. Awe, Boomer, I’m sorry to see them go, too! I enjoyed you telling about them and Mom’s pictures of the cute baby calves. It’s back to regular food for you, my friend!!


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