Winter Returns—March 23, 2016

SighWhat more can I say!  How discouraging (although pretty).   The temps will be dropping to 24* tonight and for the next several nights.

It’s still snowing…coming in sideways with a stiff wind.  It’s supposed to slow down and turn into those big fluffy flakes so loved in December, January and February.

Oh, well…nothing to do about the apricots.  They are done again this year.  There is a saying among the orchard people: “If you plant apricots, plan on only getting a crop ever five or so years.”  It sure seems to hold true.

All farming has stopped and will stay stopped until after we pass mud season (again.)

Still…warmer weather will get here and stay soon, April is just around the corner.




34 thoughts on “Winter Returns—March 23, 2016

  1. Things are so different here. I took a drive down the Central Valley yesterday. The almond trees have long since bloomed and are in full leaf. Some fruit trees are in the last stages of bloom. Only the walnut orchards are still bare. In one field the first cutting of alfalfa lay in rows. The oats are headed out, a couple of dry weeks and they’ll be ready to cut, I think. Back here at home Davis Ranch opened in February and has been selling their early spring crops. The first round of sweet corn was in the ground a couple of weeks ago, during a dry spell when they could get tractors in the field. My camellias, tulips and lilacs are in full bloom. I know you’ll have the same eventually. I know I couldn’t handle the snow. Not only in winter, but especially in spring when I’m ready to leave winter behind. Hang in there, your good days are coming.

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  2. By the time it gets here my peaches and cherries will be blooming. Bummer!!! We all knew it was too good to be true. Eddie says we need some rain and freezes to break up the sod in the new garden spot this year. I guess he’ll get it now unless it goes north of us.
    Stay warm my friend!

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  3. Hi Linda! We have the same weather as you, here in Wisconsin. Yesterday was spring…today we’re back to winter. Hopefully it will all melt before too long. The robins aren’t looking too happy!

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  4. I agree that it’s a disppointment it snowed, but it all melted by the end of the day here in town in Delta! Has it melted at your farm yet? Our lilacs have not bloomed for about 4-5 years because they froze, but I can not tell if they’ll live or not after the snow… They are still green, but I think it’s going to snow again on Saturday. Ah well, what can we do? It IS Colorado, after all. 😉


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