Sunshine Here Today—March 24, 2016

The snow is gone!  Well, almost!  And the wind has moved on leaving behind a cold front.  But WITH the cold front is blue skies and big white puffy clouds, and SUNSHINE!

Beautiful, beautiful sunshine!

Please forgive my whining yesterday.  I really do try to see the positives in my world and try very hard to limit the negatives…although, I don’t always make it. Oh. well…moving on.

delta-county-fair-1940Randy from San Antonio, Texas sent me a very cool photo of the Delta County Fair around 1940.  How much fun this is to ‘step back in time’!

Anyway, to borrow from another blogging friend, Marlene—Herself, I end this short post

from My heart to your heart!


Post Script…I’ve off to enjoy the sunshine!  Love you!



19 thoughts on “Sunshine Here Today—March 24, 2016

  1. It is nice to know you are human! Actually you don’t really whine, your writing never comes across like that at all, but instead honest sincerity. It’s much harder to write about honest feelings than it is to blog about ” pretty’ which is why I generally stick with the happy stuff.

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