Building Gates—Monday, March 28, 2016

Gate1Early, early Terry, Boomer, and I were at one of the cement ditches putting in new gates for the coming year.  The old ones were broken and/or crumbling so they needed replace.

Gate-2The shadows were long, ever so long, and the air brisk and chilly when we went out.

GateBy the time we finished the shadows had shorted to almost represent solar noon.

Still… we are done now.  Set for another year.

A good feeling.  Water should start around the second week or the third week of April.  (for us)

The water is already in the canals heading our way.  I guess I could say this another way…we will start water on our place the second or third week of April.

The ditches are now ready!  Which is a very good thing!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




20 thoughts on “Building Gates—Monday, March 28, 2016

  1. My brother Ron does irrigation around Grand Junction. The canal, irrigation system in Western Colorado is truly amazing, an enormous accomplishment for the area. We don’t hear enough about how it works and is maintained. Without it the Grand Valley could not produce the agriculture, and even green lawns in the towns and cities, that it does. Thanks for this.

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    • That’s the same for us up the Uncompahagre…without Blue Mesa and Ridgway dams we would be mesa’s of sage, chico, and rabbit brush! You are most welcome. (Grand Junction gets most of their water from Grand Mesa as does Cedaredge and North Delta.) Pretty amazing really.


    • Yes! The ditches are ready…and Terry is working on the fields. Soon, soon. it’s never ending work. We hope to take a short little trip the first week in April, before all the work really begins.


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