Silence—March 29, 2016

EasterEaster was ever so lovely.


Jolyne and Evan did an amazing job with the meal, the egg hunt and the celebration of our son-in-law, Cliff’s (he and Kimberly live in Grand Junction) birthday!

Then sadly the time came

9When everyone loaded up and headed back home…the little family to Craig, Colorado.  Jason’s dad, Paul, back to Alamosa, Colorado..everyone else scattering back to their homes and lives.


Then it was just us again.  Back to the everyday of Terry’s and my lives.

It’s okay.

The sound our our life  is not blank or a void.  It is made up of tiny noises: the tractor in field (Terry is leveling now), the clothes washer cleaning all the bedding, the tiny sounds of far away cars and trucks, as I hang-out my laundry on the clothes line, the cats meowing at my feet begging for food, a cold wind flapping the towels on the line, Boomer’s feet padding into the kitchen then out the back door, bacon sizzling on the stove.  Everyday sounds the bring me peace and contentment.

“Thank you,” I mentally pray to God.  “Thank-you for everything and so much.”

From my heart to your world,



38 thoughts on “Silence—March 29, 2016

  1. Sounds of a perfect day ~
    Glad you had that moment of chaos with your family – a great time! My those grandkids are growing like weeds!
    Love your banner pix – where did you take it? The colors are so Spring 🙂

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  2. Yes, I understand perfectly as I am sure do all moms of large, now grown, families. One time we were visiting Bill’s sister and BIL (out-of-town for us) and their kids and grands came over for dinner to say hi; we enjoyed the evening and seeing the nieces and great-nephews etc … but when they left the four of us “oldsters” were just kind of staring at each other and recovering from the chaos. My BIL said “Listen”. I said, “I don’t hear a thing”. He said “yes and isn’t it wonderful?”.

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    • I want so badly to live each moment of the rest of my life in joy…even when the bad ones occur and even if the world ends, then begins again I pray that I can see the joy or blessing within my days. Thank you, Charlotte!

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  3. First, your header photo is another winner. WOW. Second…how fun to have a family gathering! It is truly a blessing to have a family than enjoys each others’ company and knows how to have a good time together. Yes, sad to see them go but good to know they are doing okay and are not far away by way of email, etc. Isn’t it nice to have weather warm and breezy enough to dry laundry?! Give Boomer a hug for me. And a hug to you as well.

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  4. Your Easter sounds wonderful! I was on my own most of the time this year; the Husband was on 4 days of night shift, which means we have probably three hours together when he’s awake after he gets home. Then he goes back to bed to catch some sleep before heading out to work again for another 10 hours. I’m very, very used to silence (or rather, the myriad tiny sounds that make up silence), and I don’t mind it, but it would have been lovely to have a little more company!

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  5. Sounds like the perfect Easter for you and your hubby, Linda. So fun to get together with all the relatives on these special days. We had our company a day longer than we expected this year so we had a very joyfilled Easter celebration also. Now things are finally starting to warm up outside and the leaves will soon be popping out on the trees and bushes. Hooray!

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  6. “Ain’t dat da trooth!?” we all get so attuned to our place’s particular symphonies, and fortunately not-so-often the DEATH METAL “music” (e.g., when the water-pipes in the wall do the “water-hammer” noise). mostly symphonies, though.

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