Spring is Breathing Restless—Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Terry planted corn, in another huge wind storm complete with rain.  It couldn’t be helped. The ground was just at that ‘perfect place’ — not to wet and not to dry.  To wait any longer and the tiny window of opportunity would be gone.

The air was sharp with ozone and wet dirt, extremely cold against my face, when I delivered  sacks of seed to him, or to go get him for lunch.

Boomer would be shivering by the time we got back to the house.

CherriesIt blew and rained off and on all day.  Then cleared late in the evening to allow my lovely sour cherries to freeze (?)  I sure hope not.  I didn’t check the temperature this morning. It was what it was.

But it was cold, so fresh and sharp that it tickled your lungs to breath…by five o’clock I had to start up the woodstove; the heat felt lovely.  It’s still going today and it looks like I will be filling the woodbox for at least five or six more days and nights.

Sigh! This spring is very restless; very wet and cold and windy.

Moving-DamsWe are still creating and setting dams.  Two more and we will be done for the year.

KitchenThis morning I woke the normal silence of the house. House silence isn’t like farm silence– farm silence is full of winds that whisper, the flutter and swish of birds, and the vast sounds of the sky.

Nor is it the disturbed silence of town–the swooshing of tires passing, the slamming of a far away door, a roaming and uneasy always constant movement.

The silence of the house is the dim glow of first light coming through the window…a gradual lighting of the night into day, the feel of slumbering thoughts, of those still sleeping, the pad of Boomer’s feet as he follows me into the kitchen.

The tea kettle’s boiling water signals the day has begun!


From my world to your heart!



20 thoughts on “Spring is Breathing Restless—Tuesday, April 26, 2016

  1. Love your silent sink photo and the last one of the pink sky especially. Glad you’re getting the seed in the ground in spite of the wind. Hang in there–it only gets busier ;-D.

    Maybe the frost will just thin the cherries so the remaining ones will be that much bigger. We never get to harvest our sour cherries Ours is the only tree around and the robins get them all before they even turn red.

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  2. The weather “gods” are certainly not giving you and Terry any favours.
    Still what has to be done for a successful year with your crops, has to be done
    and that’s that.
    Just checked the time and temperature presently in Delta which is close by.
    4.20 pm Tuesday and 7.3 Celsius but feels like 4 Celsius!!!
    Here in Brisbane it is 8.20 am Wednesday 27th. and much warmer, thank God.

    No wonder little Boomer is shivering.

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  3. Your words are lovely, Linda. Sorry it continues to be cold….it’s the same here in Wis. Hopefully warmer days will come soon. I bet you’ll be glad when your water work is done for the year and you can get things going and growing!

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