The Voice of the Wind—-Monday, April 25, 2016

Dams-1I can’t remember now, which day was so full of wind we had trouble setting the dams in the dirt ditch, maybe it was Thursday or Friday — when you don’t work for someone else each day tends to be the same as the day before and the day following.

More-DamsAnyway we had a big wind for along time.  It was cold at different points, warmer at other points.

Ditch-CompanyThe canals filled up with trash — enough that the ditch company had to come back through with their equipment to clean them out.

More-DCBoomer was deeply enchanted with having them come through

Stranger!The wind actually picked up his ears, for him, as he ran forward to ‘save the farm’  I was delighted at his cute ears flying in the wind!

Mid-night-water-checkWind of that magnitude (55 m.p.h. gusts) causes us to go out several times at night —keeping the canal in it’s banks, the irrigation water in the proper ditches and the furrows going straight.  Night-CheckAll without weeds and debris, to choke everything off and cause floods. Runs like this give us a sense of absolute security.

FlowingThen the wind leaves, pushing its way onto other parts of the country.  The setting sun lights up the water with jewels; the flat lands and canyons below our mesa shadowed in deep indigo and purple, the edges of the Uncompahgre rich in the color of rubies.

SetTerry and I share a deep contentment, of work well done, as we finish up in the company of the sky.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




26 thoughts on “The Voice of the Wind—-Monday, April 25, 2016

  1. pardon my phrentsch, but times like yoove deee-scribed: i hate this wucking fend!

    yeah, we had stuff blow over which had NOT been blown over before, and one of our trashcans set the NEW RECORD as to how far down the road the wind made it roll!

    B T W: which direction was your XXX sellent main/cover photo taken? prob’ly north?

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  2. Very nice, Linda! Love your last photo ~ and Boomer’s ears flappin’ in the wind. Grow corn, grow!
    It’s been 50-60 on this side of the divide, too. Just too much! But, when it starts to calm down ~ the wind through the pines is beautiful, just the sound… the breeze usually doesn’t reach the ground. Planting flower seeds yet?

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  3. As you finish up in the company of the sky … oh I just love that Linda! Gorgeous .. You two work so hard. Nature sure can be testing at times can’t it? And Boomer’s ears … another ‘gorgeous’. He has lost weight (tell him I said so will you :D)

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