The Enchantment in Work—Sunday, May 15, 2016


There is tremendous satisfaction from pulling weeds out of the soil.  Backbreaking and endless the chore, but it always gives me a sense of triumph.


My yard is a series of rooms..flung around the edges of the lawn. Tearing the roots of thistles, bind-weed, wild grasses single-minded in the sun and the heat. (I love the sun and the heat.  Love it!)


I ripped and tore with tremendous concentration–covering 1/2 acre…stopping only at the end of the day.


feeling the soil give up the stubborn root; the foe lying defeated in my wheelbarrow


The farm yard felt calm and empty as I worked.  Pleasant, peaceful, healing!Canas

(some of the above photos were taken previously, as is this one)

I still have the east side of the house to do, but today is Sunday.  And it’s trying to rain. Good-NightI played hookey (just this morning)  from changing water, letting Terry get the early morning sets!  I’ll be back out there at noon and beyond.  Right now I’m taking a wee break!

Canyon-sunsetI love the silence of solitude.








38 thoughts on “The Enchantment in Work—Sunday, May 15, 2016

  1. So beautiful to be in the ONness of Creation like that…whever we are to find that root of error perhaps in our thoughts…and roote it out…..than enjoy that solitude. Your dwelling and palce of habitation looks sereve and Loved. and has great peace. Can I come over for coffee?? tee eee Love merri

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  2. I am envious of your grubbing, battling and communing with nature. It is forbidden to me, for another month at least. By the time I’m allowed to bend and tug and twist, I’ll have to go in there with much heavier weapons!

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  3. I actually find pulling weeds kind of zen-like, much like my John finds going round and round on his lawn mower I think. It’s not too taxing, your mind can wander all over the place and you can actually see the progress you’ve made! Very satisfying.

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  4. Beautiful stillness of nature. I love that feeling too!! It’s smart to have those different outdoor ‘rooms’ … you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you finish one — whereas one big bed can really seem like a neverending chore; it’s hard to see where you’ve done anything. (At least that’s how I felt (on a much smaller scale from you) back in the day when we had raised beds for our veg garden. So much better than just the one big garden.

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  5. Your building and stone colors are such a pretty background for blooms. Love the soapwort. Mine is blooming it’s head off also. Jealous of your clean beds! A good bout of flu kept me out of the yard on THE prime weeding days last week. Now I’m behind. 😥

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