One of Those Long Restless Nights—-Thursday, May 12, 2016


I had one of those long restless nights last night.

MonkYou know the kind, whereby you toss and turn, your mind going over all the things you need to do, things you wish you could have done better—everything and anything…

WarningThings that make you wake up in alarm, even though you didn’t think you were sleeping.

SamyEven a walk in the dark with Sam and Boomer left me restless and wide-awake—as if I had drank too much tea.october-dawn

Gradually along about 4 in the morning peace came over me.  The quiet of the night pushing me past the edge of restless dreams into real sleep. Of course first light was in an hour.  🙂

SunriseI get up at 5 in the morning.  Always.  Always.

Things are so much worse in the dark!

home-in-the-morning.jpgRoutine is such a part of contentment; night fears fade away.

From my world to your heart!






32 thoughts on “One of Those Long Restless Nights—-Thursday, May 12, 2016

  1. I know well this problem of nighttime. Things are, yes, always worse in the dark. And then, snap, there is that moment, as if a light went on in your head and heart, when they just don’t seem so bad anymore. Are you taking magnesium supplements? That helps me a lot. x

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  2. I haven’t had one of those nights in a long time, thankfully. The cats kept you company, I hope!
    My crazy dreams wake me up (and everyone else, as I sleep-talk/yell/groan). Last night I murdered three people and it wasn’t even a night mare! The night before some woman was trying to run over my dog, and my telling her off woke even me up!

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  3. Ahhh I know what you mean..IO am getting ready to mvoe for the second time in six months… it is both an amazing experience and a terrifying one with all coming at you seeimgly at once…wow to line up do things, do this that…wow….. and no, no peace in teh day ha ha ha until one gains order. I thik order is a help..when one bases one’s thought on TRUTh and LOVE..well..thiat peace is right in there somewhere….and it falls over one…likea cool waterfall….Love you Linda–merri at Willow House

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  4. I had one of those too, but because the body was sore; my mind was not allowed to rest. Also the stuff they put in me is well known for causing insomnia. Once the Husband got in from night shift at 2.30am, I was able to settle and catch a few winks, but of course we’re awake again with a bang at our usual 6am. Coffee, a little chat, he’ll roll over and catch another couple of hours and I’ll probably read or sew for an hour or two. Something to keep my mind busy till this afternoon’s second procedure 😦

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  5. 5AM, I bet you change water then. I hate early mornings at 7AM. I don’t have much trouble sleeping, just close my eyes and I am a gonner. The other night I had to rewind the DVR four times to catch the end of a show, I kept falling asleep:)

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