The Days are Full of Peace—-Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Coming--BackSo far the days have started out warm—then they cloud over, with a sharp cool wind; by sunset we are back to warmth.

Cultivating-1In Between, we sometimes have to wear a jacket or a coat.

Irrigating-in-the-rainThe Uncompahgre Plateau even has full blown storms hinting that we are about to get drenched.

EdgeBut today…this morning… the sun is shining and spreading heat across the land.

UsBoomer and I followed Terry up to the end of the Middle Field where we are removing a fence.

FencesThe air was full of bird songs, the squawk of pheasants, the buzzing of bees…I always find being up here soothing.

Little-Creek-at-the-Upper-EThere is only Terry and I and Boomer—the feeling is peace.

It is also called Home.

From my world to your heart,






33 thoughts on “The Days are Full of Peace—-Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    • It is peaceful. Sometimes Terry and I and Boomer ride out to the Rocky Point and just sit there…staring off into the flat lands and the canyons…the only sounds are the bugs and birds or a yeowl of fox. We can see the dust of vehicles or their lights (if we are at night) but other than that it’s just us. Which is sure nice.


  1. this is often — if not always — how i feel when i go out to sit in or work in my yard, marveling at the plants (and the bugs) and how it all works. i recently retired after 35-plus years of working some version of an afternoon or night shift, so it’s only now that i get to enjoy much quality time outside. — suz in ohio

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  2. There’s something very healing about the sense of Home. Being where you should be, where you slip easily and gently into the slot the Universe has allocated to you. I love the sound of your place in the universe…

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  3. linda – i have an amazing “rainbow” photo to share but am not savvy enough to forward without a email address – if you are interested please let me know….

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