Crop Report—-Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We had rain and thunder storms off and on yesterday, but today (so far) it feel all warm and sunny.

Today I must go out and weed!  All this lovely wet weather has brought on bloom’s, weeds and the feeling of Fall.


The pinto beans are starting to get ripe.  The yellow leaves are an indication.  We will still keep watering them, as the beans in the pods need to fill out and swell the pods.  Harvest looks like sometimes in September.  But only time will tell.

Ripeing-cornThe corn is starting fill out also—kernels are in the milk.   Then they will be in the dough, after, which,  it will be time to take the water off and let the corn dry down.

This is NOT sweet corn, but the corn you have for corn meal, cereal, and animal food.

On-the-ditch-bankAlthough, we are just starting the month of August the days feels more like September here. We are seeing weeds maturing like they usually do in September, and other weeds, which only start to grow the last part of August in full maturity.


(Storm over Grand Mesa)

It makes Terry and I wonder if we are going to have a early fall.  Although, we could have a early freeze and then a long warmish fall, before winter actually sets in.


I guess only time will tell.  Until then I’m going to enjoy every bit of summer we have left!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,







22 thoughts on “Crop Report—-Tuesday, August 9, 2016

  1. Your crops are looking good — I only hope the weather will continue to cooperate until you get in the harvest. Summer has apparently left your area for a while and set up residence in Tennessee. It’s been darn-right hot for the past few weeks! I’m ready for a little autumn!

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  2. We are set to have one or two hot days at the beginning of nect week before storms set in. We have had hardly any warm days here in the North of the country, although it has been a lovely summer in the south. But already up here there is the feel of Autumn in the air. Thank you for telling us about the different types corn.

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  3. We have had rain for three days and maybe about 5 inches by now. It is still soaking in between rains so I know the water table must be very low. The new tomato plants in the big fields are loving this and growing like weeds. We will soon see them ready to pick and ship. Your crops look great, lush and green.

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  4. We are having hot weather typical for Kansas. The fox tail weed is coming on and usually not until late August. We have had a lot of small rains , so that probably encouraged the weed. Tuesday, yesterday, you did not have to do anything, just stand outside and feel like a shower. ha This morning is nice and cool for awhile.
    The corn and soy bean are looking good. The maize is coming nice, so unless a bad storm comes along this should be a good year for the farmers. We have really been blessed with good rains. We live in south central Kansas, 60 miles south of Wichita, Ks.
    Linda thank you for your keeping us all informed of your area and we appreciate all the work you and Terry do to feed everybody and animals. Please take care. to all you who write Linda, have a safe summer. Sharon Drake

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  5. It has been such an odd year. Everything is early here too. We cut hay starting the second to last week in June. What hay there was anyway. Mine bloomed while it was still very short because of the heat and dry weather. The dry land hay didn’t amount to anything. Chokecherries and buffalo berries are ready much earlier this year and the apples will be early too, though very small.
    I love the way you keep us all up to date on whats going on with your crops! I think you have lots of readers who learn quite a bit about agriculture!

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