A Great Change Waiting—Tuesday, August 16, 2016


There is a feel in the air now — a feel of true fall —hovering out there, patiently waiting


Sliding little chilly fingers into the late night and early dawn


Testing, testing to see if Summer will push back —


The moon is almost full; filling the sky with moonshine, so brilliant the silver light reminds me of the sheerest cold of winter

On-a-limb-2We are losing the songbirds, one species at a time.  Leaving us on the wind for warmer climates.


Still summer sings to me warming my days and early evenings; giving me time to prepare myself for winter’s dreary visit.

From my world to your heart,



35 thoughts on “A Great Change Waiting—Tuesday, August 16, 2016

  1. If you’re feeling it then maybe I will by the end of the month. My songbirds and hummingbirds are dwindling a few at a time. We’ve had fog everyday since first of July and my grandparents used to say for every fog in August there’s a snowfall in the winter. Doesn’t bode well to me!! The morning spider webs have been full of dew every morning and the webs are getting bigger. When the first sunlight comes up it looks like we have doilies hanging everywhere!! Take care!

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  2. Your 4O’clocks are just beautiful! So glad you shared them. Yea, everybody’s passing through. Hummer feeders empty fast. Things are kinda in suspension ~ not really growing more, not really flowering more. The signs are there. I am hoping for a long, beautiful fall! Like till the end of November! HaHaHa!

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  3. The flowers are beautiful.. We are getting a lot of butterflies the last few days.The weed called fox tail has grown fast. It does not come as usual until September. When I used push lawnmower, I was glad to see them. Meant days of using push mower was coming to end. Ha. But they are early this year. The temps. are in 80’s. No triple digit temps. Course we could still have some yet. We have had so much rain this summer the weeds are really having fun keeping the extra mowing at full speed. Ha.
    Our birds are also going. We keep the blue jay, cardinals, dove. We have even had falcons not had in a long time. We do have eagles all the time. They hide in the hills.
    Time to think about winter clothes. Thank you Linda, for showing us your beautiful flowers. Sharon Drake from south central Kansas.


  4. And here, slowly, the days are getting longer, the birds are foraging for nesting materials (some of them already sitting on eggs, yes Mrs Noisy, I’m looking at you!) and the weather pattern is changing bit by bit. We’ve stopped looking at highs, now we’re keeping an eye on the lows…

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  5. Linda
    If your coming winter is anything like the Brisbane one this year, you will not
    FREEZE. I never had to put on my thick wind jacket ONCE this winter.
    Even the EKKA ( Brisbane show week – agriculture, animals etc) – the usual
    freezing Antarctica winds never came – !!!!!
    July here in Australia – plenty of winter rains in some parts – so the rural
    community will be happy with summer growth. July was reported to have been
    the hottest in recorded history!!!!!
    Some days were shorts and summer shirt days – unbelievable, and you know how
    I hate the cold – especially AUGUST.
    So hopefully you will not freeze.

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  6. Hello lovely .. It’s funny the way the chill slowly starts. Your photos still make me think summer .. I just love the last one. We are having the most amazing weather. You can nearly see the grass grow. The frogs were singing their praises last night! 😃

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  7. GREAT photos. It’s been an odd summer. I am sensing fall early also but we have summer back with a vengeance now. Most people think of winter as dreary. I find it quite restful. Summers exhaust me with too much to do. And the heat makes me move slower. 😦 I miss the daylight and the flowers but love my quiet moments.


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