The Cycle of Seasons—-Thursday, August 29, 2019

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The nights are growing longer and longer now, the sun not lingering in the sky

There was such a new distinct chill in the air last night I had to shut all the windows in the house.

Still, the earth is full of exquisite luxurious beauty

The cycle of farming starting to show harvest is very near.

The breath of summer has faded.  It’s actually very cool/cold here this morning.

Excellent for yard work, a tad on the sad side for those of us who love summer

Still another sign,

besides the leaves falling, falling…

a large and wonderous spider web.

Fall has arrived, no matter the calendar says it is still August.

I saw a wee fairy dancing in the porch light last night. (really a hummingbird moth)…spreading pixie dust for me and you.

For luck, you know!

For me and you!

From my world to your heart,






Faintly, Yet Noticeable— Monday, August 27, 2018

Each day is now crowded with signs of fall.  It’s in the very air we breathe, the wee chill in the early part of the day

The desperate clinging of the flies to the screens and their mad dash to crowd into the house as fast as the door opens  😦

We saw a huge flock of geese land in the pasture below one of our little mesa’s, scattering and honking as they rustled and settled into a favored spot for the night

The air as we sleep has a crisp feel to it…sounds carry from further distances…a dog barking a mile away seems it is right across the field

But most of all fall is on the land…the plants bespeak loudly; summer weeds have gone to seed, and fall bloomers bursting forth in the slackening heat.

Summer is gone echoing sorrowfully in the core of my soul…for after Autumn comes winter.

From my world to your heart,


The Checkered Light Dances—-August 22, 2017

Daily I watch the trees starting to turn…first a slight lightening of the leaves

The weight of their slumber is like a shooting light upon the lush green of the land.

The morning and evening air is more purple than rose, moving toward the light lavender of winter

Our grandchildren were here for the weekend—one more time before school starts (today).

Linkin, our oldest granddaughter loves to take photos (a wee bit like her grandmother, I think 🙂 )

Capturing this busy little bee covered in pollen

In the dancing light—she generously allowed me to share these with you.  Thank you, Linky!

Summer…gradually it is vanishing…like a ghost flitting through a forgotten graveyard.

The birds on their migratory flights…tell us…Autumn is coming.

Stand with me to welcome in that glorious, wondrous, bright season between Summer and Winter

From my heart to your world,





A Great Change Waiting—Tuesday, August 16, 2016


There is a feel in the air now — a feel of true fall —hovering out there, patiently waiting


Sliding little chilly fingers into the late night and early dawn


Testing, testing to see if Summer will push back —


The moon is almost full; filling the sky with moonshine, so brilliant the silver light reminds me of the sheerest cold of winter

On-a-limb-2We are losing the songbirds, one species at a time.  Leaving us on the wind for warmer climates.


Still summer sings to me warming my days and early evenings; giving me time to prepare myself for winter’s dreary visit.

From my world to your heart,


Fall is in the Air

A lovely heavy rain came in yesterday, bringing with it cooler temperatures.

We slept with only one window opened last night and woke to a beautiful wet morning.

Other signs of change include: yellowing of leaves on the cottonwood trees, the pinto beans getting ripe, the corn starting to dent, golden rod blooming, and the rabbit brush in bloom.

As soon as the earth gets dry enough and the rain leaves our area the third cutting of hay will begin.  Which should be Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

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Our sunset last night was just a dot of color the clouds were so thick, and the sunrise this morning was of a huge red orb peaking though the cherry trees.  The birds are still here, a hummer greeted me early, early, as I went out to the chicken house, and songs were filling the sky after a very wet and LOUD/CRASHING/FLASHING night.

Good Morning everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful day!


Sunday October 2, 2011

Even though the days are nice and warm the nights are chilly, dropping into the high 30s.  Gradually the trees are pushing off thier leaves, scattering the last of summer onto the paths in my garden.

The evening light through the corn also speaks of turning leaves.

Corn harvest next, but it has to freeze first.   For now I’m going to enjoy these beautiful warm days and cool nights.  Getting through the bean harvest is enough for the moment.


Fall is in the Air

We are waking up to cooler and cooler morning, although the day does warm up nicely….around 88*. 

The birds are going…first the robins, several weeks ago, then the Meadowlarks, on August 31st, as I was watching the barn swallows all seemed to gather together and fly away.  It was really cool to see and watch.

The whole thing made me a little sad, though.

Yesterday afternoon a huge flock of geese came honking back, a welcome site after losing all the summer birds.

We still have hummers, any day now I expect to see them gone.  It will be just like the robins….they will leave, I will miss seeing them and realize they have left.

On the upside of losing summer the cottonwoods are starting to color up here and there, just a limb or so, but if you look you can see the yellow starting to appear.

The rabbit brush is blooming and the golden rod.  If you look at my yard it still looks like summer, but I know better.  I know better.

Of course, Wal-Mart has switched over to ‘Back to School’ and I noticed yesterday that that was going by the way side and Halloween and Thanksgiving coming in.

I guess I had better get my head around it….Fall is here.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Pass Out the Pills

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air and it’s not even the end of the first week of August.

It’s been raining here for weeks–we are heading in the the third week of rain.

The flies even seem to think a big freeze might be coming….they stick to us like we are the best thing since furnaces, ugh!

But with all this rain we get


So I’m out all the time looking and looking to see what I can find in the sky

Two days in a row the sky was just right to see rainbows in the same place.  Which I found really cool.

Last night on the way to feed I looked up through the leaves and WOW another one.

The rain is really good for everything, the corn and beans and hay and my yard are looking near perfect.  And so are the weeds!

I’m not looking forward to winter, but for now I sure am enjoying the rainbows!