The Soft, Bright Glow of the Sky—-Monday, September 5, 2016

Almost-a-RainbowWe have had a series of storms move through last week.

Love-Rainbows-2Along, with the overcast sky we were gifted with many rainbows— Rainbow-1The sun’s rays glinting off the rain droplets settling the stretched and frayed  sky


From here to my friend, Rene’s sky in Paonia.  (A rainbow over the Paonia Ragged Mountains)


A closer view of the deep storm tangled Raggeds wrapped in hues of wonder

Rainbow-through-the-ZinniasEven my zinnias wrapped themselves in the colors of the sky

Rainbows-in-the-sky-1The  rainbows wrappedthemselves around our small corner of this big magnificent world.

Love-Rainbows-3Flickering like sunlight on the snow, spanning our daily work in an amazing manner–nothing lackadaisical, but stunning, and gorgeous, and wonderful!

From my world to your heart,





22 thoughts on “The Soft, Bright Glow of the Sky—-Monday, September 5, 2016

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  2. Love the color in your life out there , it is magical and transporting…also lovely poetry written to help us trandsport ourselves into that Peace..THANK YOU dear heart for this daily LIFT!!! Love Merri

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  3. Well, even those thunderstorms and nasty clouds can be a treat that we are given. Weather is more exiting than most of the broadcasts of day. Thank you Linda for this, but please do not take your camera out when the tornado hits you and do lock Boomer inside!!

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