Pinto Bean Harvest— Step One—-Thursday, September 8, 2016


The pinto beans are ready for harvest.  The leaves have dried and fallen off leaving only the pods.

the-730Early, early Terry headed out to put the bean puller on the tractor and get into the field.

bean-pullerIt was cool enough he had to put on a jacket.  It’s important to go early…long before the sun heats up the earth like an old-fashioned flatiron.

The pinto bean plants need to be cold,so when the tractor goes through the pods stay on the vines, and the pinto beans stay in the shell.

front-and-backThe process is in steps–first the pinto beans are pulled

pulling-beans-1Laying the beans in neat rows to dry.

pulled-beansThen the bright morning warmed up, gilding everything.  It was time to stop.

One field down, one more to go.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



17 thoughts on “Pinto Bean Harvest— Step One—-Thursday, September 8, 2016

  1. We were looking at bean fields in Idaho as we drove home earlier this week and Bill wondered how they were harvested for dried beans … I told him I bet I knew where to look. Of course he thought I meant Mr Google — but I just knew you’d be writing about it soon — and here you are! I showed him the post and we both thank you for satisfying our curiosity. So interesting! Sending good thoughts for the weather to stay right.

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