Sorry I am Late—Thursday, September 29, 2016

fall-sunset-001It’s trying to rain here.


The combine is broke down and I spent the morning in ER.

I guess I am hurt…the fall bruised my ribs, pushed my ribs into my lung –on one side and caused my lung to fold in on itself. It has a long fancy name.  At least my heart is okay, and no compound fractures on the ribs…they may have hair cracks–I just have to careful for a spell.

Heavy drugs, but hope to be back able to breathe again, maybe Sunday.

Sorry, just can’t focus to really write anything.





26 thoughts on “Sorry I am Late—Thursday, September 29, 2016

  1. Dang, girl ~ At least I know you have an excellent ER. Sounds like a rest is in order… Kick those feet up and relax. Boomers turn to take care of Mom 🙂
    Talk to you soon! )))hugs(((

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  2. Wow, that’s just awful. It’s not like you can just quit using your lungs for a few weeks. I’m trying to look on the bright side, let’s see, end of summer so minimal gardening, less working the water, cooler weather is more comfortable when you’re miserable, and so on.

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  3. Oh, Linda…I am catching up on all my reading. I’m SO sorry I wasn’t there with encouraging words…I was in Atlanta with my Mom who had a stroke, spending every minute I could tending to her…Are you OK? It sounds like you are in a lot of pain. How long will your recovery be? I don’t know that you and Terry are too old to farm anymore, but your body is definitely telling you it needs a rest, or a break…or some sort of change. Please take care of yourself. You are precious to us.

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    • Oh–you are most kind. Today I am doing very well. I’m able to hang clothes on the line again and to bring them in. Which is HUGE!!! Thank you so much. I’m so sorry about your Mother. What a horrible trying time for you and for her.


  4. Dear Linda, so sorry to hear your news. I am just catching up on your blog since we left our house on friday and are inbetween that one and the next one this week. Sounds like you have been in awful pain. I sure hope you are resting. Please get better soon!

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