A Silence Most Deafening—Wednesday, September 28, 2016

aspen-leavesMy brother and I grew up on an orchard, I think I’ve told you that before.  It was within the the orchard I learned to love solitude– of being surrounded by things called nature.

jagged-mountainsOften times I would take myself out into the orchards and lay down (sometimes in the ditches), totally oblivious of getting weeds and leaves in my hair or stuck to my clothes;  stare up into the leaves of the trees–the sight more beautiful than any photograph could ever be.

owl-creek-pass-023Spring, winter, summer, fall I was washed with sunlight, starlight and the beams of the moon.

owl-creek-pass-near-ridgwayI told you this story, because I guess I need to confess, I’m tired anymore.  I’ve taken two rather bad tumbles lately, one on the ditch bank, where I actually fell quiet flat on my back and probably would have made a great clip for America’s Funniest Home Videos.   And yesterday, when I slid sideways, throwing myself completely flat on my right side, my head hanging down into the little creek at the bottom of the slight hill.

I was on a trail in the Old Apricot Orchard— checking fences, so Romeo (Shannon’s) horse couldn’t get out.   I laid there looking up at the sky, weeds and grasses way over my head–fat bees buzzed nearby, a drove of  gnats swarmed overhead, and a ladybug stopped dead in her tracks, on a blade of grass, to see what fell into her perfect little world.

owl-creek-pass-036Laying there caused me to remember those carefree days of willfully lying down amongst the plant life as a child.

silver-jack-reservoirThis morning Terry confessed he was very tired also. “We are getting old,” he sadly said. “We just can’t work like we use to do.” 

on-the-silver-jack-reservoi“Maybe we ARE old”, I replied.  “But, maybe, just maybe, what we really need is a break from work.  Maybe what we need is to do something so different our minds and bodies can rest.”

“A min-vacation!” Terry exclaimed.  “But first—there is the pinto bean harvest to get through!”  Which gave us a good laugh.

Work first…always.

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm







26 thoughts on “A Silence Most Deafening—Wednesday, September 28, 2016

  1. Oh my friend, take care of yourself. Mature bones do not bounce so well as young ones, and a fall is a much greater shock to the system than a childish tumble. I think a little vacation (or better still, a large one) sounds like an excellent plan. Now, do we have to call out the National Guard to make you take one…?

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  2. It is a terrible thing to fall and to fall twice! Ouch. I hope a little break or vacation will offer you renewal and rejuvenation for sure. Seems to work for me. Whenever I get too down I remember New Year 2015 standing in the waves at Jacksonville Beach……

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  3. Oh! my wonderful, sweet Linda… please take care. I know how “easy” it is to fall and how silly we can feel when we are being careful (acting like we are too old and fragile to even walk around alone) but OMG my heart would hurt if something happened to you xox

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  4. What beautiful fall photos! Especially with that tad bit of snow on the peaks, just so peaceful! And the leaves falling… Awww
    No more tumbles for you, nor I. Yep, a tad bit of a rest is due. Your room in the forest awaits. Tell Terry that he can drive our John Deere around! Have fun wherever you may travel!

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  5. Dear Linda, You two do so very much at your place….I get tired just reading your posts. It would be nice if you guys could half-retire. We realize how old we are getting too…..trying to get moved out of this big house has been so hard and it will all end this Friday when we finally get in the two cars and drive up North to a new condo. Well, I should say, we won’t get into the new condo until next Wednesday so just have to diddle around until then! It sounds like you two could use some diddling-around time too. Hope you can get the pinto-bean harvest in soon and take some time off. You deserve it. Please take care of yourself….falling isn’t funny….one of these times it could be very serious. Hope you both get a break soon!

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  6. (whew!) –> betty and I have concurrently been feelin’ like weave been hit by the same truck — and are (also) fatigued by last week’s (+) babysitting episode. that does not go so easily for us — in large part worrying about “home” — nobody watches one’s home like oneself.
    meant to comment: magnificent high country photos! presumably mostly in our state?

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  7. Love, love, love this post! So spot on. Age does require a bit of a slow down, but a break to get back in touch with nature and ourselves is more important. Finding the balance between the need for that solitude and reflection and the need to meet responsibilities is so difficult, though! And these photos are so peaceful! Love them, too!

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  8. Sorry you had to fall to get into position to relive those wonderful memories. I hope you take a really nice break to rest from all your labors. But rest before you go, so you can enjoy it fully. Hubby and I are finding we can’t do as much as we used to, either.

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