October’s Full Moon/The Hunter’s Moon—-Sunday, October 16, 2016

october-moon-001Our weather has been stunningly lovely the last few days!

october-on-the-farm-003The days have been warm enough I have all the windows open, with the slight breeze blowing through the rooms

october-on-the-farm-006It’s been so nice Terry has decided it’s time to tear down the rest of our old barn, in preparation of building a new shed which will  house his wood working equipment and his snow machines.

So I guess you know how we are filling our time (now) until corn harvest.  I hope to have photos for you on Monday!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



25 thoughts on “October’s Full Moon/The Hunter’s Moon—-Sunday, October 16, 2016

  1. Internet troubles suck, we are awaiting a technician, it seems the last technician here left us with an inferior router and it costs 10 a month for a super duper one…I hope that one at least works better than the piece of crap they gave us last time. Good luck with your internet problems! I share your pain.
    Fall is certainly on it’s way. Lots of projects to finish up around here too before it gets so cold you cannot do them 😦

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  3. Dear Linda!
    What a view!! I really have no clue to Colorado except for westernmovies, you know, Macahans, John Wayne, indians and cowboys. Perhaps that is not even close to where you are!! On the other hand, I take it your understanding of Sweden and the area I live in is just as slim??
    That is why the pictures are a real treat, you are a very good photographer, and it’s just as nice to see everyday work as it s to see the moon and the landscape. On my way to our second church, I pass some cornfields and yesterday I thought: they must be ripe, why are they still up? But your corn’s still out, is it? I know nothing about growing, more about eating!!!
    You are a hardworking lot, I am pleased to say, and Boomer takes care of business in his own way!
    Blessings from Blekinge in Sweden where the sun actually never rose yesterday and not today either, I’m afraid.

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  4. ditto, of course, re: the weather. the porch-screen-door right next to me is open right now. we had “some wind” today — tho’. blew stuff off the house and around the yard which hadn’t been blown off for a while. bucolic …

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  5. It’s wonderful that you are having a bit of warm dry weather. We are having rain storms but not as bad as predicted. Not very cold here either. Tearing down the rest of the barn must mean more barn wood for the wood working projects. Sounds like you have a big project ahead of you. The tearing down is probably easier than the putting up. Good luck with it.

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  6. Yes, the moon has been absolutely beautiful here in Kansas also. Farmers have gotten sunflowers combined. Soy beans started. It is a beautiful fall. We have been blessed with great harvest. To all of you have a great fall. Sharon and Harry Drake south central kansas

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