I Delight in Shadows —- Sunday, October 16, 2022

Sometimes, while I do chores around the place,

Or am fixing food

I marvel at the beauty of all the shadows coloring our world.

Shadows so wonderful and deep, and heavy

I am sure you will marvel at them as I do.

Shadows and light

Moving across our day and into the night

The shadows of Autumn are different than the other seasons.

Shadows with a sky so clearly blue it sometimes hurts one’s eyes, the shadows seem even darker and more defined.

Shadows—that’s what I’ve been thinking of and wanting to share with you.  Those wonderful deep dark shadows defining the ever-changing light.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— How I am Doing, Friday, October 16, 2020

Mom thought, and so did I, you might like to know how I am doing.

We had a touch-and-go bit of time, not so long ago, but I have some new medication that helps the liver not only digest, but start to heal.

Mom and I think it is working.

At least we hope so.

I feel much better…I go outside and work with Mom.  Well, Mom does all the work, I just follow her around and watch her work while lying in the grass.

I do go on very small walks with Mom and Mindy…just out to the Butler Bins and back.  That is far enough.  It has a tendency to wear me out if I walk too far.

Mom never makes me, I go if I want to,

or I stay home or inside if I want too.  Mom says whatever I want, it is up to me.

I did take my last ride on the four-wheeler, though.  It was enough.  I don’t want to get up there anymore.  It’s hard on my belly.  Maybe again sometime, but I doubt it.

So that is how I am doing.  I do whatever I want and I get to eat whatever I want.  Mom says sometimes it’s hard to figure out WHAT I want to eat.  But she always figures out something yummy—-like roasted chicken sandwich meat, YUMMM!

AND I GET LOTS OF KISSES on my NOSE!!! Ear rubs and tummy rubs…life is good.

Anyway, here I am. Doing much better.

Boomie the Wonder Beagle.

A World which is New —- Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The heavy freezes are continuing.

The alfalfa is always slower to react than, say corn, or the leaves on trees.

Gradually, over a long series of heavy freezes, the fields will turn brown, all the juices stored in the roots, slumbering until spring.

Creating a new world, ready for winter long nap.

And now, for a tiny bit of summer life

Yesterday, I captured, on camera, a butterfly/moth exploding into the air as Boomer and I walked by.

I’m finding capturing bugs in flight is very hard to do. (But ever so fun, when I actually get one on camera.)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Songs of My Heart—Tuesday, October 16, 2018

There are so many things that set my heart to singing

Seeing the moon (at any time; day or night)  lifts my heart –and seeing a tiny star next to the moon makes the joy even more generous

Setting up on the rocky point the sky dancing with light….wonderous

Helping put the finished ditches and the latest harvested fields to bed for the winter, all within brilliant hues of light—buoyant

A wee walk in the night where there is nothing shining but house and farm lights and the STARS!—Priceless

While out on a small walkabout

Finding a heart rock….a gift from the earth, the wind and the Universe

Brought home to grace my window…exquisite

From my world to your heart,



In Fading Glow of Sunlight—-Monday, October 16, 2017

My yard is split into rooms/gardens….the first one (as you drive in) is what I call the

corral garden, then moving around the wood pile and the picket fence is the bird station feeding area, next the sidewalk garden (which I am going change next spring–I’m tired of weeding it),

followed by the East Gardens

Then moving to the west of the house is the large sundial garden full of, now frozen, 4 O’clocks,and then hidden between the tile house and the mechanics shed is a little spot of tranquility.

It’s a delightful little place; perfect for silence and solitude, sometimes something hard to come by…but here they are within reach


While I was sitting in the gentle dying of the day, Sunday,  I looked up at the remaining leaves of the Apricot tree and saw a little bird-shaped leaf

Tilting my head back a little further I saw a heart-shaped leaf.  The dwindling sunlight was the most beautiful apricot shading into orange I had not seen for awhile.

It was so beautiful I used it for my headers yesterday. If you look closely you can see the heart just above the bird…

Quietness, stillness, rest— this space is fill with solitude, gentle softly falling leaves and the silence of Autumn trembling on the edge of winter.

A beautiful place of peace!

From my world to your heart,



October’s Full Moon/The Hunter’s Moon—-Sunday, October 16, 2016

october-moon-001Our weather has been stunningly lovely the last few days!

october-on-the-farm-003The days have been warm enough I have all the windows open, with the slight breeze blowing through the rooms

october-on-the-farm-006It’s been so nice Terry has decided it’s time to tear down the rest of our old barn, in preparation of building a new shed which will  house his wood working equipment and his snow machines.

So I guess you know how we are filling our time (now) until corn harvest.  I hope to have photos for you on Monday!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,