While the Internet Was Down—-October 27, 2016

Although this would have happened, with or without the internet, one of the things Terry and I worked on, was the removal of the last old barn on our place.

breaking-out-cement-2First things first was to clean out the old barn, then to start breaking up the and removing the cement.  We both used a sledgehammer to break up the cement, then we loaded the chunks into the loader whereby it was hauled to a landfill.

readyThen it was time to remove the roof and the rest of the walls

overTerry used the tractor and loader to push the whole thing over

goingAlmost down

shed-downAfter which we had to clean up the mess.  I’m trying to save all the old barn wood, since there seems to be people out there who like to create with it.   This barn was built in 1920.
Terry and I have had a great time finding ‘artifacts’ to admire and [possibly keep or give away or sell or….] ..like the tin and the nails for the tin…..I know we are easily entertained.

shed-goneJust one wall left to remove, when this photo was taken.  Now we working on rebuilding a the wall and roof, for the other building…straighten up the inside of the building, before we lay the footers, for the foundation of the new shed.

It was a huge process, but one we rather enjoyed.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




25 thoughts on “While the Internet Was Down—-October 27, 2016

  1. Nothing like a satisfying bit of demolition to calm the mind! I had my own sledgehammer, and friends used to know me as Thora, Goddess of Hammers and Whacking Things… It fit me very well back then. These days, my pleasures are a little calmer!

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  2. That is a lot of work and so much more gets done here too if the internet is down. 🙂 We all love old barn wood. I used to make lots of decor with it too. Bird houses and all kinds of wall art. I look for it here too. I’m sure you can find lots of people who will buy it from you and be happy to have it. I LOVE your header photo!

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  3. Yes, Linda it does feel good to clean out, tear down and make something new. Bless you both. be careful with the old nails and do not step on one.
    Fall here in south central Kansas is looking good. My Niece is here from Portland , Oregon and she is so enjoying the sun and warm temps. They have had rain and cool there.
    Take care. Harry and Sharon Drake

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  4. & azz YoozYooUhl: I get tired just reading about it! I did, however, throw a few things away while “going thru’ the garage” today. tomorrow? might HIKE up Escalante Rim Road (from Escal crk) as part of my post-surgery “get back in shape” attempt …

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  5. it was minor (da surgery) — however a literal P I T Butt, as there was some “work” done near my tailbone. at first I pretended I couldn’t “do anything” but Betty (Deb) knows I can still vacuum, rake leaves, continue inventorying the garage, etc. (shucks !)

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