Through the Calls of the Wild Geese—-Wednesday, November 2016

GeeseThe geese are here…winging their way back to us!  Their shouted hellos add to the cacophony of the combine and the rumble of the grain truckharvestI am actually comforted by all the activity, although (at different points) I find I hold my breath trying to hear the geese through the noise.  When I do so; I also feel the pounding of my heart.

flatListening, listening, for that odd sound, which  means something isn’t right.  Then there it is— a mess of a tire.

tireIt slows harvest down.  A small diversion

usA quick ride into farm yard— get a tire and back out we all go.  Boomer included.

more-smilesThen everything is good to go again.

going-for-a-walkI sometimes think young people believe {we} old folks are a separate form of life.

That’s alright, someday they will be old and will understand…just going about every day’s business —together—is the sunbeam of growing old.

As for myself, I couldn’t ask for more.

From my world to your heart,




34 thoughts on “Through the Calls of the Wild Geese—-Wednesday, November 2016

  1. Another beauty. You’re observations are so valuable to me. I have had a habit for years…whenever I see older people on the street, I try to imagine the child that they were still in them. And I can usually find him or her. Then all the signs of age fade away, and I see a person. Just a person, living her life. We are all in the same rapid moving river, just some further downstream. It’s all good. You might be older. But you are wiser too. And your inner child is clearly alive and well.


  2. Poor youth, it doesn’t believe that old age and hard work will ever happen to it! Life soon teaches a different lesson. I have a few regrets about things I’m no longer able to do, but overall, I’m happy to be cruising contentedly towards old age. I’ve seen and done so many things!

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  3. The first two pictures of this post are some of my favorites. I love them. And a thought on youth, I think they long for a relationship with “old” people. Sometimes it’s the older ones who don’t reach out. I don’t mean you– It’s just something I’ve noticed and have discussed with my kids. 😊

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