Our Time with SPIDER WOMAN—-Thursday, November 3, 2016

walk-with-tallyTally and I had lots of stuff to  do the day she stayed with us.

She willingly went right along with Terry or I, or even both of us.

sign-of-the-timesBut mostly Grandpa was busy.  So mostly it was Tally and Grammy!

corn-mazeWhen Grandpa was waiting in line, and a little girl got too restless, Grammy came and got her and we went to THE CORN MAZE!

Before we ever started Tally asked the lady if there were going to be people who jumped out and tried to scare us…or bloody anythings out there.

“No” the lady replied.  Just some fun searching and looking and coming out at the end.

“Okay, we can go then, Grammy!”

So off we went!

creepyThere were vignettes

creepy-clownAnd a alarming clown.

But we made it clear through with Tally leading the way.

hay-rideAfterwards we got to go on a hayride, win a pumpkin and then go home in time to eat supper and become

spiderwomanSPIDER WOMAN…Complete with a ugly nasty spider (which would have scared me) riding on her back!

Happy Halloween it was…for me and for her!




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